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McCookerybook and Rotifer : Interview Part 2 - Interviews
In the second of a two part interview about their new joint EP 'Equal Parts', Helen McCookerybook and Robert Rotifer talk to Ben Howarth about their discovery of each other's music and working with one another.

McCookerybook and Rotifer : Interview Part 1 - Interviews
Ahead of the release of their delightful collaborative EP 'Equal Parts', songwriters Helen McCookerybook and Robert Rotifer discuss the 'completely joyful' experience of recording over two days in August and their desire to use the EP to transcend the divisions between the UK and Europe brought on by Brexit.

Apartments : Interview - Interviews
Ben Howarth speaks to Peter Milton Walsh, the frontman with Australian alternative rock band the Apartments about his group's second 'comeback' album 'In and Out of the Light', his approach to songwriting and his plans for touring.

Ben Bedford : Interview - Interviews
Singer-songwriter Ben Bedford has recently revisited three albums of storytelling folk with a new compilation. He tells Ben Howarth about the process of choosing the songs and how his musical influences have shaped a gradual change of direction on more recent albums.

John Howard : Illusions of Happiness - Profiles
Returning with the second volume of a three-part autobiography, John Howard takes Ben Howarth and John Clarkson on a compelling guided tour of the fringes of the late-70s, early 80s music industry, while also navigating an increasingly complex personal life in the shadow of the Aids crisis.

Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands : My Colors Dark - Favourite Album Reviews
Ben Howarth refelcts upon Californian singer-songwriter Sean O'Brien's eighth solo album from last year, which is an enjoyable ride from power-pop to angsty punk.

Matt Hill : Interview - Interviews
After releasing several albums as Quiet Loner, Northern English singer=songwriter Matt Hill speaks to Ben Howarth about his latest album, the folk-influenced 'Savage Pilgrims', which is also his debut LP under his own name.

Darren Hayman : Interview - Interviews
As he prepared for the release of 'Home Time', his 17th album, Darren Hayman speaks to Ben Howarth about his most personal album and his reflections on the end of his epic, award-winning 'Thankful Villages' project.

John Howard : Interview - Interviews
John Howard speaks to Ben Howarth about his as-yet-untitled new album, the benefits of home recording and the next two volumes of his memoir.

Joe Gideon : Interview - Interviews
Back for his sixth interview with Pennyblackmusic, Joe Gideon tells Ben Howarth about his new album 'Armagideon', recorded with Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin. Having set out to write a set of lighthearted songs, he ended up with an album themed around the upcoming end of the world.

Spielbergs : Interview - Interviews
Ben Howarth speaks to Mads Baklien, vocalist, guitarist and synth player of new Norwegian group Spielbergs, about their latest EP, the surprise at being on tour, and what years in bands has taught them about surviving as a group.

Press Club : New Cross Inn, London, 5/9/2019 - Live Reviews
Ben Howarth at the New Cross Inn in London enjoys an emotionally intense set to promote their second album 'Wasted Energy' from rising Melbourne punk band Press Club.

Papernut Cambridge : Interview - Interviews
Ben Howarth visits the home of Ian Button and chats about his Papernut Cambridge project.

Unthanks : Profile - Profiles
Ben Howarth profiles the Unthanks' extraordinary three CD latest album which combines elements of jazz and modern classical music as well as traditional folk and sets to music the work of several poets.

John Howard : Profile - Profiles
While he waits for a new studio album from rediscovered 70's songwriter John Howard, Ben Howarth enjoys a trilogy of vinyl pressings of his overlooked early work, an ideal companion to the recently-published autobiography.

Jack Hayter : Interview - Interviews
Former Hefner member Jack Hayter speaks to Ben Howarth about his new album which was inspired by a year spent living in the suburb of Abbey Wood, which soon to change with the arrival of a new train line, is on the borders of outer London and Kent.

John Howard : Interview - Interviews
Singer songwriter John Howard has published his autobiography, a heartbreaking and hilarious tale of how to nearly become a pop star in the 70s. He tells Ben Howarth how he wanted to be 100% honest but non-judgemental.

David Ford : Interview - Interviews
As he prepares to release his fifth solo album, ‘Animal Spirits’, David Ford tells Ben Howarth how an obsession with the causes of the 2007-8 banking crisis prompted him to write a ‘concept’ album about market economics.

Pennyblackmusic : Ten Songs That Made Me Love... - Features
Having begun writing for Pennyblack at the same time as he collected his GCSE results, Ben Howarth has now been writing for the site almost as long as it has been around. As we approach our 20th birthday, he selects in 'Ten Songs That Made Me love...' some of the songs that sum up his experience.

Roddy Woomble : Interview - Interviews
As he prepares to release his fourth 'solo' album, 'The Deluder' Idlewild's Roddy Woomble explains that he really sees it as the work of a genuine band over a 'really creative couple of months' and tells us about the 'great team' he has formed.

Jarrod DIckenson : Interview - Interviews
After a long wait and a move to a major label, Texas-born singer-songwriter Jarrod Dickenson is ready to unveil 'Ready The Horses' to a growing fanbase. He tells Ben Howarth about his love of recording on 2-inch tape and his desire to reach for the classic sounds of the 50's and 60's.

Port Erin : Interview - Interviews
As Port Erin prepared for a set at Glastonbury and the release of their excellent fourth album ‘Ocean Grey’, Ben Howarth speaks to Reuben Myles Tyghe, the frontman of the west country three-piece Port Erin to learn more about their ten years as a band

Manic Street Preachers : Send Away the Tigers - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers examine albums from the past, Ben Howarth reflects on the Manic Street Preachers' 2007 album 'Send Away The Tigers', which has just been re-released in an expanded tenth anniversary edition

Nick Ellis : Interview - Interviews
Singer-songwriter Nick Ellis talks to Benjamin Howarth about his extraordinary debut album 'Daylight Ghosts' and his early musical influences

Craig Finn : Interview - Interviews
Craig Finn, the front man with the much acclaimed the Hold Steady, speaks to Benjamin Howarth about his third solo album, ‘We All Want the Same Things’

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