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Professionals : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook about the reformation of his band the Profesionals, their acclaimed album 'What in the World’ and three new EPs.

Tom Robinson : Interview - Interviews
Singer-songwriter and punk veteran Tom Robinson speaks to John Clarkson about his forthcoming 70th birthday and his past and present career.

Peter Straker : Interview - Interviews
Singer, actor and cabaret star Peter Straker talks to John Clarkson about the reissue of his three albums, 1977’s ‘This One’s On Me’, 1978’s ‘Changeling’ and 1980’s ‘Real Natural Man’, and the influence on them of Queen frontman and co-producer Freddie Mercury.

Hector Gannet : Interview - Interviews
Singer-songwriter Aaron Duff, the frontman with rising North East-based act Hector Gannet, speaks to John Clarkson about his band's political conscience, the influence of their local environment and history on them and the documentary film that kickstarted their career.

Ben Wood and the Bad Ideas : Interview - Interviews
Guitarist with London indie band Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas Andy Duke speaks to John Clarkson about their ambitious plans to release a single a month throughout 2020 and working regularly with famous guest musicians.

Ronnie Gurr : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson talks to music business consultant and ex-journalist Ronnie Gurr about his independent book publisher Hanging Around Books, which specialises in music-related photobooks.

TexasBob Juarez : Interview - Interviews
Former Television Personalities guitarist TexasBob Juarez speaks to John Clarkson about his new Sparklestars project and his recently released fourth double album, 'Through the Looking Glass Darkly'.

Eugene Coyne : Interview - Interviews
London-based singer-songwriter Eugene Coyne talks to John Clarkson about his fifth album and 'pop metal' record, which is the first of his records that he has written and recorded on the electric guitar.

Elevator Mood : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Primevals frontman Michael Rooney and former Jolt bassist James Doak about their new project The Elevator Mood and its critically acclaimed eponymous debut album.

European Sun : Interview - Interviews
The Short Stories' Steve Miles speaks to John Clarkson about his new band European Sun which he has formed with Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey of Heavenly, Tender Trap and the Catenary Wires, and their debut single 'The Future's Female'.

Cathode Ray : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Jeremy Thoms, the front man with Edinburgh-based alternative rock band the Cathode Ray about 'Heightened Senses', his group's surprisingly optimistic first album in four years.

Friends Again : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson chats to Paul McGeechan, the keyboardist with influential Glaswegian pop act Friends Again, about the double CD reissue of their 1984 debut and only album, 'Trapped and Unwrapped'.

Bitter Springs : Interview - Interviews
In our sixth interview with him, Simon Rivers, the frontman with the West London alt. rock band the Bitter Springs, talks to John Clarkson about their forthcoming ninth album, 'The Odd Shower'.

Alice Hubble : Interview - Interviews
Former Arthur and Martha and Cosines vocalist and synthesizer player Alice Hubley talks to John Clarkson about her new Alice Hubble solo project and its debut album, 'Polarlichter'.

Raincoats : Interview - Interviews
Bassist and vocalist with post-punk band Gina Birch talks to John Clarkson about the 40th Anniversary vinyl reissue of their classic self-titled debut album.

Nine Below Zero : Interview - Interviews
Vocalist and guitarist Dennis Greaves from South London blues rock band Nine Below Zero talks to John Clarkson about their 40th Anniversary this year and new album, 'Avalanche'.

Motorcycle Boy : Interview - Interviews
Guitarist Michael Kerr talks to John Clarkson about his late 80's band the Motorcycle Boy's brief, fiery career and the release of their only album 'Scarlet' thirty years after it was recorded.

Bruce Foxton : Interview - Interviews
Bruce Foxton, the bassist with The Jam, speaks to John Clarkson about their seminal 1979 album 'Setting Sons' and its forthcoming 40th Anniversary UK tour with his current band From The Jam.

Doctors Of Madness : Interview - Interviews
Richard Strange, the frontman with influential cult band Doctors of Madness, talks about 'Dark Times', the group's first album in over four decades, which was inspired by the present political situation and world crisis.

Davey Woodward and the WInter Orphans : Interview - Interviews
Brilliant Corners and Experimental Pop band frontman Davey Woodward speaks to John Clarkson about his latest project the Winter Orphans and their forthcoming appearance at our next Manchester Bands Night.

Moon Under Water : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Moon Under Water, who are playing our next London gig at The Water Rats on the 17th January, about their unusual beginnings after forming at an Adrian Borland tribute night, their memories of him and their plans for an album of original material.

Band Of Holy Joy : Interview - Interviews
In our fifth interview with them, John Clarkson talks to Johny Brown, Inga Tillere and James Stephen Finn from London-based alternative/indie rock band the Band of Holy Joy about their remarkable latest album, ‘Neon Primitives’.

SadGirl : Interview - Interviews
Misha Lindes, the frontman with Los Angeles indie trio SadGirl, talks to John Clarkson about their debut album, 'Water', which blends an old-time sound with a contemporary edge.

Roy Moller : Interview - Interviews
Scottish singer-songwriter and poet Roy Moller talks to John Clarkson about his new poetry collection 'Be My Baby', which was inspired by the story of his adoption and which saw his birth mother travel from Toronto to Edinburgh to give birth to him.

Elk : Interview - Interviews
Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Joey Donnelly talks to John Clarkson about his project Elk, touring with the Love Band on their farewell tour and 'Beech', Elk's cassette and download only mini-album.

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