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Cliff Richard : Taking Risks - Profiles
Bob Nicholson explores the misguided perspective that rock icon Cliff Richard is ‘risk adverse’.

Hollies : The Band, the Brand, the Business - Profiles
Bob Nicholson revisits the history and legacy of The Hollies, and ponders how the band have managed to go the distance.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows : Facing Up to the Competition - Profiles
In his second feature for Pennyblackmusic on Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Bob Nicholson reflects on their career post the summer of 1963 and up against Beatlemania.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows : The Birth of British Pop/Rock - Profiles
Bob Nicholson asks if the legacy of Cliff Richard and the Shadows and their influence on the British pop/rock movement has ever been properly recognized or whether they remain under-acknowledged.

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