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Deerstock Festival : Newton, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2019...27/7/2018 - Live Reviews
After attending the three day 2019 Deerstock extravaganza in the Nottinghamshire countryside, Dave Goodwin says that it has become the best festival that he has ever been to.

1980 : Ten Songs That Made Me Love... - Features
Continuing our series where Pennyblack contributors discuss ten songs that are important to them, Dave Goodwin brings together an eclectic mixture of tracks from 1980.

Pocket Gods : Weird - Profiles
Dave Goodwin finds 'Weird: The Life and Times of a Pocket God' to be an indie-rock documentary which has a lot going on below the surface as it reflects on front man Mark Lee's battle with depression.

Secret Affair : Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 11/5/2019 - Live Reviews
Dave Goodwin's been waiting forty years to see Secret Affair live. Here's how it all went down on the night.

Phonseca : Interview - Interviews
With his debut album 'Between a Dream' out under his new name of Phonseca, Matthew O'Connor talks to Dave Goodwin about it and his musical background.

Kimberly Bright : Vinyl Stories - Features
Kimberly Bright talks to Dave Goodwin in his column 'Vinyl Stories' about the appalling local record store of her youth.

Vinyl: Is It a Download?: : Vinyl Stories - Features
Dave Goodwin in 'Vinyl Stories' uses social media in a plight to ascertain whether all new albums should have a download.

Northern Soul : Ten Songs That Made Me Love... - Features
Dave Goodwin, in our 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' series, reflects on his ten favourite Northern Soul songs.

Northern Soul : Vinyl Stories - Features
In his regular 'Vinyl Stories' column Dave Goodwin investigates five Northern Soul compilation albums that have been reissued through Club Soul/Charly Records on vinyl.

Secret Affair : Interview - Interviews
Secret Affair guitarist and founder member David Cairns chats to Dave Goodwin about the band’s early days, the late 1970s Mod movement and their upcoming fortieth anniversary which sees the group tour the UK.

Decemberists : Rock City, Nottingham, 11/11/2018 - Live Reviews
David Goodwin watches American folk/indie rock band the Decemberists play a spellbinding set at Rock City in Nottingham

Luxury Stranger : Interview - Interviews
Nottingham-based alternative rock outfit Luxury Stranger speak to Dave Goodwin about their new line-up, intensive touring schedule and playing Europe.

Deerstock Festival : Newton, Nottinghamshire, 20/7/2018...22/7/2018 - Live Reviews
Dave Goodwin reviews Nottinghamshire-based fundraising festival Deerstock which returned across three days in July.

Hot Pepper : Spanglish Movement - Favourite Album Reviews
Dave Goodwin examines the 1978 only album of Hot Pepper, the disco-influenced studio project of Mexican drummer and producer Jesús Muñoz 'Tilico' which has recently been re-released.

Slow Readers Club : Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018 - Live Reviews
Dave Goodwin watches acclaimed rock band the Slow Readers Club live up to the hype and play an anthemic set at the legendary Rock City in Nottingham.

The Most Dear Records of All Time : Vinyl Stories - Features
In his regular 'Vinyl Stories' column Dave Goodwin discovers the most expensive records in the world.

Servants of Science : Interview - Interviews
Dave Goodwin talks to Stuart Avis, the keyboardist and main songwriter in new Brighton-based band Servants of Science, about his band's debut album 'The Swan Song', which is a concept record about an astronaut witnessing the end of the world from outer space.

Stuart Avis : Vinyl Stories - Features
Dave Goodwin in 'Vinyl Stories' talks to Stuart Avis, member of Brighton prog/electro collective Servants of Science, about his love of Sparks, their records and their associated memories.

Deslondes : Maze, Nottingham, 21/1/2018 - Live Reviews
On a cold and wet night in Nottingham, Dave Goodwin is transported to the American south courtesy of The Deslondes.

The Great Vinyl Collectors : Vinyl Stories - Features
In his regular 'Vinyl Stories' column Dave Goodwin examines the history of some of the greatest and biggest vinyl collectors.

Depeche Mode : NIA, Birmingham, 19/11/2017 - Live Reviews
DAve Goodwin watches 80's legends Depeche Mode play to a packed NIA Birmingham as they tour their new album 'Spirit', 37 years and 14 albums after their debut, 'Speak and Spell'.

Slow Readers Club : Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 23/11/2017 - Live Reviews
Dave Goodwin finds Mancunians Slow Readers Club on the road again and lighting up The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham with their debut album 'Cavalcade'

Hazel O Connor : Cover Plus - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re: View' section, in which we look back at albums from the past, Dave Goodwin examines 'Breaking Glass' legend Hazel O'Connor's 1981 third album 'Cover Plus' which includes various other incarnations of the originals.

Jeremy Thoms : Vinyl Stories - Features
Dave Goodwin in his regular column 'Vinyl Stories' speaks to multi-musical man, Stereogram Records owner and Cathode Ray frontman Jeremy Thoms about his vinyl records.

Deerstock Festival : Newton, Nottinghamshire, 21/7/2017...23/7/2017 - Live Reviews
Dave Goodwin takes us on a whirlwind tour of Nottinghamshire's small but perfectly formed Deerstock Festival

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