Pennyblackmusic is proud to premiere the video for 'Put Me On The Television', the debut single from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Stephen McLaren's forthcoming dream-pop album 'They Don’t Put Any Money in Your Pocket'. It follows on from his critically acclaimed 2017 debut solo album, 'We Used To Go Raving'.

McLaren, once the charismatic pianist front of dream-pop trio, Collar Up, is now an established solo artist writing politically-charged songs from his home in Edinburgh’s culturally-vibrant Leith area. Since 2017, he has wowed raucous live audiences, with a show packed with sense-feeding virtuosic piano, glorious vocal power, and dreamy ethereal soundscapes. His lyrics, often furious, sometimes sardonic, and occasionally funny, remind the listener that this is a man who understands the art of song-writing, with style complimenting substance, rather than masking a lack of it.

'Put Me On The Television' is a bittersweet but darkly humorous reflection on people's constant craving for recognition and self-publicity in the 21st century world of social media and 24-hour television, and combines this with a surging synth-pop sound.

With three singles planned for video release in 2021 in the lead up to the release, 'They Don’t Put Any Money In Your Pocket', when it arrives, will not disappoint.

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