The Southern rockers 38 Special, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, brought their hit-heavy live show to the Samala showroom at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez on November 22, 2019. Many in the crowd were on their feet from the opening song "Rockin Into the Night" until the end of the band's extended encore.

As usual, the production was a nearly perfect one - the venue is famous for its high-quality sound system, opulent lighting and multi-camera big-screen video-mixing. The band, led by original guitarist Don Barnes, who has also taken over lead singing capabilities, featured the enormous talent of the current five-piece group.

38 Special have been producing gold and platinum albums since the 1970s, racking up over 20 million album sales. The nearly two-hour show featured some of the band's biggest hits including 'Teacher Teacher', 'Back Where You Belong' and 'Fantasy Girl' from the era when the group was in regular rotation on the MTV music channel.

They also played some brilliant covers, showcasing the members' enormous musical talent, including 'Feeling Stronger Every Day' by Chicago and 'Good Times' by the Easybeats. The tune "Second Chance" showcased the vocal and keyboard skills of Bobby Capps. Drummer Gary "Madman" Moffatt, who also did a stint in the hard rock band Cactus, played thundering drums. Barry Dunaway rounded out the rhythm section on bass. The group also featured the Tennessee lead guitar wizard Jerry Riggs.

The show - a twenty-song crowd-pleasing set and an extended three-song encore - ended appropriately with a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Travelin' Band". This travelling band continues to be a powerhouse of live Southern rock - and is keeping the genre alive and well.

Photos by L. Paul Mann

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