Ollie Winder, who will be playing a special acoustic set at Pennyblack’s Manchester gig at The Peer Hat on 18 October 2019, gave Dixie Ernill a brief insight into his forthcoming solo album and his plans for the gig.

PB: Can you give us a potted history of your band the Uncertainties?

Ollie Winder: The Uncertainties were a Manchester based band that I started in 2017.

We released a 4 track EP on Spotify called 'Stand by Me'. We played at Hard Rock Cafe and did a live acoustic session on 'All FM' in Manchester. I am the singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist in the band.

I have also played solo acoustic gigs around Lancaster, Manchester and Liverpool including The Peaky Blinders Bar.

PB: Who are your musical influences?

OW: My main musical influences are the Stone Roses, the Libertines, Oasis and the Courteeners.

PB: Favourite albums?

OW: My favourite albums are 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by the Beatles and 'Up the Bracket' by the Libertines.

PB: What are your future plans as a solo artist – any releases on the horizon?

OW: I am currently working on a solo album called 'Social Chameleon' which is going to be a psychedelic/pop acoustic album.

I am planning on releasing it onto Spotify on the 25th October (A week after the Peer Hat Gig).

PB: Anything special planned for the Peer Hat Gig?

OW: For the Peer Hat gig I am planning on playing a couple of upbeat tracks from the Uncertainties like 'Lullaby of Liverpool’, ‘Stone Me’, ‘Rosemary Lane’ and a couple of songs that will be on my new album.

PB: Thank you.

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