It has been almost three years since Martin Metcalfe, Fin Wilson and Derek Kelly stepped on to a stage together, and they chose the Day of the Dead show to unite, bringing some of their old Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Angelfish hits out and giving them a right good old dusting down.

The openers were twins Hayley and Rebecca Joyce, and the girls came dressed for the occasion as zombies and very convincing they were too! They, of course, covered the old Cranberries hit 'Zombie', but played some of their their own songs as well including 'No One Makes Me Feel' and were a fitting opener for this night.

The Courtesans had come all they way up from London for this show, and the four piece were underdressed for this, not in their face paint which was stunningly scary and very impressive, but in wearing just their under garments.

Having listened to some of their material beforehand, I wasn't sure if they were going to be too polished in their delivery, but I was stunned at just how good they were as a live unit. They covered every inch of the stage and cavorted throughout with some great songs from their new album 'Dirty Killers', including 'Scream','Swallow' and a fine version of the Velvet Underground classic 'Venus in Furs'

The Filthy Tongues, minus Isa( who was replaced by some keyboards courtesy of David Scobie), from the opening 'Jezebel' were back on top form, with which Metcalfe bedecked as a crazed preacher served his message of redemption to his crazed followers.

'Knocking on Joe' and the magnificent Shop Assistants classic 'Somewhere in China' was followed by 'Hard' and 'Crewcut' from the new 'Scenes' project. released by Metcalfe under his own name. The set was completed by the Goodbye Mr Mackenzie hit 'Blacker than Black', but they still had time for encores of Brel's 'Port of Amsterdam' and 'Goodwill City' which was a fitting finale to a brilliant night.

Photos Bill Gray

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