Fittingly, the fourth and final Brilliant Corners comeback show of 2013 is in their native Bristol. Despite having witnessed all the previous three of the band’s gigs this year after a twenty year break, I am still gripped with the kind of excitement that a 40 something man should really have left behind in his teens. I’ve also heard a whisper that a few Southmeaders are in tonight and may spark some trouble. Thankfully, while the atmosphere is certainly crackling, the crowd are nothing but good-natured. Johnny Marr recalls that his favourite Smiths’ gig was at Salford University in 1986 fuelled by an undercurrent of aggro, and maybe something similar has gripped the Brilliant Corners because there are no apparent home-town nerves as they career through a stunning set of songs lifted from their 85-88 heyday.

Highlights are everywhere with the stomping 'Growing Up Absurd', subtle pop of 'Delilah Sands' and the pure heaven of 'Meet Me On Tuesdays' all shining brightly in the first half of the set, while 'Rambling Rose', 'Why Do You Have to Go Out With Him, When You Could Go Out With Me?' and the slow burning 'Shangri-la' light up the second.

An encore of the appropriately titled 'Delirious' and fairground swirl of 'Brian Rix' ensure a wonderful conclusion to an incredible evening. Even the absence of the ear-marked third encore song, 'Trudy is a Squeal' can’t detract from it.

With more shows being finalised for the first half of 2014, there’s still time to see this massively underrated band before they slip into hibernation once more.

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