80's synth pop duo Blancmange reformed in 2010 after an absence of 23 years, and returned last year with a new album, 'Blanc Burn'.

Blancmange formed in 1979, shortly after Neil Arthur (vocals, guitar and electronics), who was brought up in the Lancashire town of Darwen, moved to North London to study at the Harrow School of Art and met Stephen Luscombe (synthesisers, keyboards), who was locally-based.

The duo released their first single, ‘Irene and Mavis', in a limited edition of 1000 copies on their own label, Blaah Records, in 1980, before signing to London Records in 1982. Over the next five years and before their break-up in 1987, they had a string of seven Top 40 hits including ‘Living on the Ceiling’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Blind Vision’, and also released three albums, ‘Happy Families’ (1982), ‘Mange Tout’ (1984) and ‘Believe You Me’ (1985). Both Arthur and Luscombe have since both gone on individually to have successful careers as composers of soundtracks for film and television.

Blancmange toured successfully last year, although Luscombe because of health reasons had to pull out of playing. They played a second tour in May with Graham Henderson once again taking Luscombe’s place on synthesisers. These photos of Neil Arthur were taken by Darren Aston on the 10th May at a gig at the O2 Academy in Liverpool.

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