After a beast of week at work and with the prospect of an early departure to Bristol in the morning, I don't really want to be in a sweaty basement club in Manchester, but the prospect of seeing Young Rebel Set live again is proving to be the virtual Red Bull I need.

First though is new Manchester band the Dead Celebs, who offer up a set of above average post Arctic Monkeys/Libertines pop with a hint of Ska. Despite the singer's 'shot' voice they gamely manage to show enough promise to suggest that songs like 'Crawling Down the Stairs' and closer 'Warn the Captain'may soon be indie anthems.

With my coach already turned back into a pumpkin, Young Rebel Set take to the stage and race through a set of impressive skiffle pop that make it impossible to remain still. Part Cash and part the Coral, but wholely superb, the band belt out a collection including 'Won't Get Up Again' and 'Rosie' from their current EP, before a fine new track shows a more 80's side to their music.

The Young Rebel Set as they often do, with the twin delight of their first two singles, the sonnet to failed love that is 'If I Was' and a defiant 'Walk On' that has all the swagger of vintage Morrissey without the baggage.

They are not headline news just yet, but the constant gigging is certainly making Young Rebel Set a highly accomplished live band and surely the graft will reflect in record sales and justifiable recognition in the near future. Great things are predicted.

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