Brakes have been touring their 'Rock is Dodelijk' live release for four days in November across the UK. We catch up with them in Leeds at the Well.

The band are on good form, in a good mood and happy to be in Leeds for the final night of this mini tour. They get through a good twenty songs, with their usual speed of delivery.

Their regular pineapple delivery was a little more low key than usual, with it being passed to a member of the audience rather than thrown. Apparently on the previous tour it hit someone in the head who wasn’t paying attention – serve them right I say, but health and safety has to be considered I guess.

A good humoured and happy night was had by all, but Brakes have yet to get the audiences I feel they deserve. By no means a cool band, this is punk rock for the 21st century. Not the serious American style punk, it retains the British humour but takes it forward with a pop sensibility and the occasional serious message wrapped up in an energetic burst of music and lyrics.

The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Neil Bailey.

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