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Punk : Breakdown - Features
In the third and final part of his series on the 70's punk era, Adam Wood looks at the rise into the mainstream of the punk movement, after the Sex Pistols' infamous appearance with Bill Grundy on the 'Today' show and its subsequent decline as a result

Punk : Resistance through Style - Features
In the second part of a three part series, in which Adam Wood examines the 70's British punk movement, he writes about the fashion, fanzines and sexual psychology of the movement

Punk : London's Burning - Features
In the first part of a new three part series, in which Adam Wood examines the rise of 70's British punk, he looks at the social and the political factors of the country at the time which both generated and developed the movement.

Ghost in the Machine : Kleptones - Features
In the first in a new column, in which he will look at bands who are using the internet as a means for releasing great music, Adam Wood writes of the Kleptones, who cannot release records conventionally for copyright reasons as their record mutilate other groups' sounds across the cultural spectrum

Prefects : Interview - Interviews
One of the forgotten bands of the 70's punk era, the Prefects have recently seen their career got through a revival with the release of two posthumumous records. Adam Wood chats to Rob Lloyd, who is now with the Nightingales, about his one-time band

TV Smith : Interview - Interviews
Former Adverts singer TV Smith is about to release his new album, 'Misinformation Overload'. Adam wood talks to him 30 years on about why at heart he remains a punk

Re : View - Prefab Sprout : Steve McQueen - Favourite Album Reviews
In the latest in our 'Re :View' series in which our writers reassess albums from the past, Adam Wood looks back on Prefab Sprout's 1985 pop masterpiece, 'Steve McQueen'

Re : View-Tom Waits : Rain Dogs - Favourite Album Reviews
Adam Wood writes about the impact uncrowned king of American lowlife Tom Waits' classic 'Rain Dogs' has twenty years on after its first release in 1985

Slits : Interview with Ari Up - Interviews
Former Slits frontwoman Ari Up has recently released a new solo album 'Dread More Dan Dead'. She talks to Adam Wood about it, her past career and living in the jungle with South American Indians

Peek-A-Boo : Interview with Travis Higdon - Profiles
Texan label Peek-A-Boo Records has given recording space to the likes of Knife in the Water, Spoon and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Owner Travis Higdon talks to new writer Adam Wood about his prolific label

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