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Mates of State : Interview - Interviews
Mates of State have had the surprise indie hit of the summer with the re-release of their 2000 debut album , 'My Solo Project'. David McNamee chats to husband-and-wife team , Kori Gardner and Jason Hammell, about dream analysis and computer games

Trembling Blue Stars : A Certain Blue Light - Features
The Trembling Blue Stars are about to consolidate their position "as The Great Nineties Pop Band That Never Happened’ with a Best Of or Greatest Near-Hits. David McNamee looks back over their career and finds an odd resemblance in it to Kylie Minogue's

Lisa Germano : Interview - Interviews
Former 4AD star Lisa Germano has not released an album for the last five years, but is now back with a new record 'Lullaby for Liquid Pig' and also 'Best of' and rarities compilations. David McNamee talks to her about her comeback

Cabaret Voltaire : Interview - Interviews
One of the most important bands of the late 70's, Cabaret Voltaire were a massive influence on both Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails with their unique brand of electro punk. Guitarist Richard H. Kirk talks to David McNamee about their unique legacy

Oneida : Interview - Interviews
Psychedelia act Oneida have just put out their fourth album, 'Each One Teach One' on CD, having initially given it a vinyl release only. David McNamee speaks to frontman, Fat Bobby, about the album

Michael J. Sheehy : No Longer My Concern - Features
Former Dream City Film Club frontman Michael J. Sheehy recently returned with a second solo record, 'No Longer My Concern'. David McNamee profiles his career to date, and the confessional new record

Kawabata Makoto : Interview - Interviews
Frontman and guitarist with the extraordinaary psychedelic Japanese group, the Acid Mother's Temple, Kawabata Makoto has just released a solo album 'Infinite Love'. He speaks to David McNamee about it and his focus on music

Fred Frith : Profile - Features
One of the leading avant garde composers, Fred Frith has recently re-released two CDs, 'Gravity' and "Accidental'. David McNamee profiles them both.

Ampersand Records : Broken Music : Clawing the Eyes Out of Mona Lisa - Features
David McNamee finds himself smitten with three beautifully packaged CDs from the Chicago electronic label, Ampersand, and tells why overnight it has become his new favourite label

Henry Rollins : Live at Dudley JBs - Live Reviews
Hard man of rock Henry Rollins has recently much to his own disgust passed 40. David McNamee finds the former Black Flag star and elder statesman of hardcore to be on blistering form at a gig in Wolverhampton.

Everett True/Careless Talk Costs Lives : Interview - Interviews
Fomer Melody Maker journalist, and the man who brought grunge and Nirvana to Britain, Everett True has recently started a new magazine 'Careless Talk Cost Lives'. David McNamee chats to him about its spectacular first edition.

German Electronica : Profile - Features
It has been nearly twenty five years since Kraftwerk released 'The Man Machine.' With German electronica still as popular now, David McNamee examines its status now, particulary with regard to recent releases by Station 17+ and by the Staubgold label.

M Lanegan : Live at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall - Live Reviews
Former Screaming Trees star Mark Lanegan and stoner group Masters of Reality toured Britain together in December. David McNamee describes a disappointing show in Wolverhampton.

Mogwai : Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall - Live Reviews
Uh oh. Looks like someone fed them after midnight. Mogwai may have enjoyed a period of relative calm on their 'Rock Action' LP, but judging by tonight’s performance that was only the eye of the hurricane. In a set that’s parenthesised by a demon-cleani

Don Letts : Dread Meets Punk Under Heavy Discipline - Features
By the mid-seventies the establishment had managed to alienate its own white youth. It didn’t have to try hard to alienate me since I was a first generation British born black of Jamaican descent and already well pissed off. The popular music of the time

Mercury Rev : Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall - Live Reviews
It’s so strange now to hear contemporary music being spoken of with any real reverence. Everything is very pop, very ironic. Disco is only acceptable now because of the interplay of cultural and chronological systems at work and, y’know, there’s always Th

Hefner : Interview - Interviews
While the music press continues to go ga ga over the style-mag punk of the Strokes, or the faux-blues howl of the White Stripes, our homegrown resident indie sensations Hefner have only gone and quietly snuck out the album of the year. Following on from t

Acid Mothers Temple / Circle : Wolverhampton Varsit - Live Reviews
“YRRreooUgHhwAaAaAAHHHH!! LililililiPEOWgarghhhhh!!” Satan only knows what language the Circle are speaking in, but whatever it is they appear to be singing it backwards. Even scarier, their frontman appears to be Graham Bonnet possessed by the voiceover

Mike Patton : Interview - Interviews

Motorhead : Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Live Reviews
Okay so you can sneer that tonight’s audience members not only are clad in faded tour shirts bearing such legends as Saxon and Quiet Riot, their logos are actually tattooed into wrinkly skin. The intro tape may consist solely of Iron Maiden’s ‘Killers’ al

January : Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall - Live Reviews
The New Acoustic Movement has a lot to answer for. Not only did people start taking it seriously, they actually started buying Alfie records. Is this what happened to Romo? You were all wearing Boots mascara and dancing to Ultravox five years ago ,you che

Ash : Interview - Interviews

Cousteau, : Birmingham Academy - Live Reviews

Sugacoma, : Dudley JB's Wolverhampton - Live Reviews

Monster Magnet, : Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Live Reviews

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