After 'Auferstehung' (2018) there are more dreamy tunes from Rudolf Langer and Peter Preuß. Unshelved after decades, 'Bonzai' sounds dated with a kind of naive charm, and is definitely not music of the counter culture for which Berlin is famous for. Carefree though quite quaint, 'Bonzai' breathes with all transparent tranquility

'Zylo, a very gentle and imaginative track, is, alas, followed by the rather tame title track. Though by then, you find yourself already won over. The general tone is one of a gentle drifting, and is surprisingly alien to the Neue Deutsche Welle sound of Germany's New Wave music of the 1980s. The most peculiar sounds of redemption can perhaps be found on 'Banzai II'

'Banzai' is a collection of songs recorded between 1985 and 1987 in Berlin. The now published songs have only been part of the Berlin underground scene of the 1980s, but are now accessible by a wider public. Exquisite and melodic, it is yery much unlike the rest of music from Berlin at that time.

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