In early 1976, I was listening to the likes of Queen and Rainbow and Genesis, thinking such genres were all I needed.

In early September '76, I rode into Liverpool Poly on my motorbike and dug in for a three-year degree course. Later that month, a fellow halls of residence inmate, known as “The Pin”, came into my room telling me he had been to a city centre club called Erics and had seen The Runaways. The whole experience had been, according to The Pin, “life changing”.

So we made arrangements to go to Eric's. For the life of me, I cannot recall who we saw first…probably Racing Cars or Deaf School. I would love to boast we saw The Pistols there, but we just missed them (what losers). Over that three-year period, The Pin and I were regulars, and saw virtually everyone who is anyone at that sweaty little club with the world’s worst toilet facilities.

A highlight was The Stranglers on my 19th birthday, but THE highlight was seeing The Clash there on three occasions. The first time was on 5, May '77. Being 40 + years ago, my memory has faded, aided by several pints in The Grapes beforehand….but I was definitely reborn that night. I recall where I stood (gingerly avoiding the gobbing) and the exhilaration that I felt and how long I hung around afterwards.

My euphoria is strengthened by the attached photo, not taken by me, but from that gig.

It is my favourite music photo ever because it takes me back. It is not a perfect photo technically, but for me, it is everything. When I look at it, I secretly weep, recalling those great days. I have never looked back and will always thank The Pin for making me go to Eric's.

NB1 I have never listened to Genesis or Rainbow since.

NB2 The Pin remains my bezzy!

NB3 The motorbike got nicked!

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23933 Posted By: Mel (Liverpool)

I was there the night this photo was taken, it was a phenomenal experience too. For a few songs we got to stand at the side of the stage until Paul Rutherford (who was doing some security/ roadieing) moved us on. We got to meet all the band and chatted, as they were milling around the venue.

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