1. John Coltrane/Both Directions At Once- The Lost Album
2. Courtney Barnett/Tell Me How You Really Feel
3. Magpie Salute/High Water I
4. Cowboy Junkies/All That Reckoning
5. Kurt Vile/Bottle It In
6. Parquet Courts/Wide Awake!
7. Beach House/7

Gig of the Year: Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra, Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, 18/8/2018


1. Simon Love/Sincerely, S. Love x
2. Sharks/Ready Set Go
3. Burning Ferns/Public Mono
4. Brothers Osborne/Port Saint Joe
5. Greta Van Fleet/Anthem of the Peaceful Army
6. Paul McCartney/Egypt Station
7. SLUG/HiggledyPiggledy
8. Confidence Man/Confident Music for Confident People
9. Toby Hay/The Longest Day
10.Eliza Shaddad/Future

Gig of the Year: Whitesnake with Foreigner and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening, Clarkston, Michigan, 15/7/2018


1. Michelle Lewis/All That’s Left
2. Israel Nash/Lifted
3. Louise Aubrie When I Don’t Love You I’ll Let You Know
4. Zoe Wren/Gold & Smoke
5. Olivia Chaney/Shelter
6. Tony Molina/Kill the Lights
7. Dodson & Fogg/Awake
8. Kurt Vile/Bottle It In
9. Nova Amor/Birthplace
10.Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids/An Angel Fell


1. Tomorrow We Sail/The Shadows
2. Willard Grant Conspiracy/Untethered
3. Curse of Lono/As I Fell
4. Drew Morrison and the Darkwood/Electric Notes Wild
5. Bromide/I Woke Up
6. Vinny Peculiar/Return of the Native
7. Eastern Swell/Hand Rolled Halo
8. James/Living in Extraordinary Times
9. Hipsway/Smoke and Deams
10.Volunteered/We Don't Listen EP

Gig of the Year: Pennyblackmusic 20th Anniversary Gig with the Bitter Springs, Idiot Son, Oldfield Youth Club and Raf and O (in memory of Robert Fisher, Mary O'Meara and Anthony Strutt)

(In no particular order)

1. Rita Coolidge/Safe in the Arms of Time
2. Rick Ford/Across the Border/Trouble
3. Peabo Bryson/Stand for Love
4. Russell Thompkins Jr/Between Love Songs
5. David Crosby/Here If You Listen

Gig of the Year: David Crosby, Palace Theatre, Manchester, 16/3/2018


1. Ghost Music/I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here

Gig of the Year: Kristin Hersh, Rough Trade East, London, 25/10/2018


1. Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans/Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans
2. Goon Sax/We're Not Talking
3. Bradford/30 Years of Shouting Quietly
4. Total Rejection/Wrapping Yourself In Silver Foil Won't Save You From The Blast
5. Laish/Time Elastic
6. Tracyanne & Danny/Tracyanne & Danny
7. City Calm Down/Echoes in Blue
8. Rolling Blackouts C F/Hope Downs
9. Perfect English Weather/Don't You Wanna Feel The Rain?

Gig of the Year: Pete Fij and Terry Bickers, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge 31/1/2018


1. Slow Readers Club/Build a Tower
2. James/Living in Extraordinary Times
3. Decemberists/I'll Be Your Girl
4. Death and the Maiden/Wisteria
5. Suede/The Blue Hour
6. Editors/Violence
7. Shame/Songs of Praise
8. Luxury Stranger/Darkness Falls Upon the Light
9. Lois/Guns of the Governor

Gig of the Year: Decemberists, Rock City, Nottingham, 11/11/2018


1. Arctic Monkeys/Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

Gig of the Year: Arctic Monkeys, Arena, Manchester, 7/9/2018


1. Rowan: Morrison/In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses
2. Hilde Marie Holsen/Lazuli
3. Olafur Arnalds/Re Member
4. Tenderlonius/The Shakedown
5. Echo Collective/Amnesiac
6. Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay/Hawksworth Grove Sessions
7. Dollboy/Rites and Rituals
8. Splashgirl/Sixth Sense
9. Tim Garland/Weatherwalker
10.Emma Tricca/St.Peter


1. David Ford/Animal Spirits
2. Jack Hayter/Abbey Wood
3. Let’s Eat Grandma/I’m All Ears
4. Sweet Billy Pilgrim/Wapentak
5. Joy Formidable/Aaarth
6. Marmozets/Knowing What You Know Now
7. Eric Bachman/No Recover
8. Manic Street Preachers/Resistance is Futile
9. Jackie Oates/The Joy of Living
10.Wave Pictures/Look Inside Your Heart

Gig of the Year: Frightened Rabbit, The Forum, London, 16/3/2018 (in memory of Scott Hutchison)


1. Fucked Up/Dose Your Dreams
2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Wrong Creatures
3. Conan/Existential Void Guardian
4. Dopethrone/Transcanadian Anger
5. Sleep/The Sciences
6. Lucero/Among The Ghosts
7. Idles/Joy as an Act of Resistance
8. From the Bogs of the Aughiska/Mineral Bearing Vein
9. Thou/Rhea Sylvia
10.Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs/King of Cowards

Gig of the Year: Bossk, The Cluny, Newcastle, 13/10/2018

(In no particular order)

1. Stuart Anthony and Larry Beckett/Love & Trial
2. Moon Relay/IMI
3. Tekstu TV-666/Aidattu Tulevaisuus
4. Buffalo Tom – Quiet and Peace
5. Miniatures/Jessamines
6. Bark Psychosis - Codename: Dustsucker Reissue


1 Robb Johnson/Ordinary Giants
2. Nick Ellis/Speakers Corner
3. Winter Wilson/Far Off On The Horizon

Gig of the Year: Emilio Pinchi, 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, 13/11/2018


1. Wye Oak/The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
2. Pinkshinyultrablast/Miserable Miracles
3. Echo Ladies/Pink Noise
4. Juniore/Magnifique
5. Mark Peters/Innerland
6. Basement Revolver/Heavy Eyes
7. Spiritualized/And Nothing Hurt
8. Lucid Dream/Actualisation
9. Death Valley Girls/Darkness Rains
10.James/Living in Extraordinary Times

Gig of the Year: Roger Waters, Echo Arena, Liverpool, 2/7/2018


1. Courtney Barnett/Tell Me How You Really Feel
2. Noname/Room 25
3. Zeal and Ardor/Stranger Fruit
4. Young Scum/Young Scum
5. Johann Johannsson/Mandy OST


1. No Age/Snares Like a Haircut
2. Laurence Pike/Distant Early Warning
3. Orchestre Les Mangelepa/Last Band Standing
4. Bad Pelicans/Best Of
5. Bégayer /Terrain à mire . Une maison rétive . Contrainte par le toit
6. Half Man Half Biscuit/No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your F*8kin' Hedge Cut
7. Julia Kent & Jean D.L./The Great Lake Swallows
8. Kammerflimmer Kollektief/There are Actions Which We Have Neglected and Which Never Cease to Call Us
9. Wild Hares/Dose
10. Slift/La Planète Inexplorée

(In no particular order)

1. Rita Coolidge/Safe in the Arms of Time
2. Ashley Reaks/The Earth Swan Sings Again
3. Struts/Young and Dangerous
4. Mud Morganfield/They Call Me Mud
5. Paul McCartney/Egypt Station

Gig of the Year: Struts, House of Blues, Chicago, 24/11/2018


Gig of the Year: Gary Numan, Blue Dot Festival, Cheshire, 18/7/2018


1. Courtney Barnett/Tell Me How You Really Feel
2. Marmozets/Knowing What You Know Now
3. Interrupters/Fight the Good Fight
4. Sophie/Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides
5. Gost/Possessor
6. Wrong/Feel Great
7. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen/Hypercut
8. Witchsorrow/Hexenhammer
9. Anaal Nathrakh/A New Kind Of Horror
10.MGMT/Little Dark Age


1. Brandi Carlile/By the Way, I Forgive You
2. Courtney Marie Andrews/May Your Kindness Remain
3. Johnny Marr/Call the Comet
4. The War & Treaty/Healing Tide
5. Jenny Wilson/Exorcisms
6. Gold Star/Uppers & Downers
7. Lost Brothers/Halfway Towards a Healing


1. Patrick Duff/Leaving My Father’s House
2. Cabbage /Nihilistic Glamour
3. Arctic Monkeys/Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
4. Insecure Men/Insecure Men
5. Hugh Cornwell/Monster
6. Warmduscher/Whale City
7. Echo & The Bunnymen/The Stars, the Ocean and the Moon
8. Damian O’Neill and the Monotones/Refit Revise Reprise
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Wrong Animals
10.Luke Haines/I Sometimes Dream of Glue

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