I have been aware of Wire forever, but have only really listened to them recently. My friend Christiane came to London from Germany in June for Paul McCartney’s gig at Hyde Park and planted a copy of their compilation album, ‘On Returning (1977-1979)’, in my hand and told me to listen to it. She had got it from the wonderful Fopp at a stupid price. I know why she liked them, as we have both been aware of R.E.M.'s cover of Wire’s song, ‘Strange’, on their 1987 album ‘Document’.

For two nights in early November Wire played the King's Cross venue, The Lexington, which has become home to the secret gig by everyone these days. I knew it was sold out, but thought if anything I would get my new present signed by these legendary punks, which I did. The only member of the band that escaped me was vocalist and guitarist Colin Newman, who passed by me and didn't look like the recent picture I had seen of him at all.

The evening was about getting a CD signed, but I was able to speak to bassist, Graham Lewis, and ask him a few questions about ‘Red Barked Tree’, their new album.

PB: I believe the new album is finished.

GL: Yes, it was finished in October.

PB: How different is it to the other material you have released?

GL: It is quite similar to the last two albums, ‘Send’ and ‘Object 47’, but I would say that it is much more lyrical and it sounds a bit like our earlier material.

PB: You are not on Mute Records anymore?

GL: No, we haven't been since 2000. We now have our own label, Pink Flag. It is the only way we could do it. People don't buy albums anymore. People just buy tracks, so the only way we sell stuff is at gigs.

Chris Blackwell of Island Records was saying it's like back in the 1930s when Court Basie could only sell songs if they came to his concerts. It has gone back to that situation.

PB: When will the new album be released?

GL: It will be January or February. We will then do a UK tour in February.

PB: Thank you.

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