After nearly an hour of tortuously looping adverts for dire bands on the video screens Mogwai take the stage at Somerset House. Despite the genteel surroundings of Somerset House and the summer-picnic atmosphere of the crowd it soon becomes clear they will not be taking prisoners tonight. They have hit a rich vein of form this year and tonight is no exception. From start to finish the Scots pound the crowd with a post-rock sound that veers from uplifting to near-terrifying and is never less than beautifully, brutally loud.

For a band who have been around as long as they have it is remarkable they still sound so fresh, and so unlike anything else. When they play like this Mogwai simply blow most other bands out of the water. Soaring, thundering guitars meld with driving beats in an affair that is not for the faint of heart – this is a relentless sonic attack that leaves you slightly shaky afterwards.

After one song a few member of the audience are looking slightly stunned by the sheer power of it all. “Yes please, more of that,” says someone from the back. “Turn it up,” shouts someone else. Before the band drown out everything in another haze of noise there is time to hear one more request, a scream that just goes, “Mogwai”.

As the last instrumental fades it would be fair to say all three got what they wanted. If Jesus ever comes back to Earth I suspect it will sound like this.

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