Mojave 3 are one of my favourite bands of all time. Sadly guitarist Simon Rowe has left the band, while guitarist and backing singer Rachel Goswell is still on long term sick leave, although she will return to live performance next year.

Both of these shows were fantastic. In Leicester they had nothing but hassles with their van, got to the Musician late, went on late, but then played a killer set of laid back and entirely acoustic numbers. Sadly it was short at 55 minutes and all the members remained seated the whole time.

Three days later the same band, all standing throughout this time, came on earlier, and played a harder set at the Jazz Cafe in London, so hard, that only a few slower numbers came into the set. It showcased their new album 'Puzzles Like You' well, and by the end it was the loudest I have ever seen the band play. At times they sounded exactly like Neil Young and Crazy Horse in full rocking out vein. Two great gigs by one great band then.

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