The latest double A side single by Norwich band Magoo, 'Can't Get Off The Ground Today'/'Expansion Ride', is a predecessor to their forthcoming new album, 'The All Electric Amusement Arcade'. It is also Magoo’s first release since their last album 'Realist Week' came out in 2001. The single has been released on the band's own label, May Go Zero Records.

'Can't Get Off The Ground Today' opens the single. The song begins with a keyboard that draws out an initially fragile melody. Guitars and drums then enter and focus the sound so that it feels as if it is surrounding you. Male and female vocals flow together inside the elaborate stream of music with a most natural motion.

'Expansion Ride', the second track, sounds more electronic at the beginning, using keyboards and has Magoo toying around with voice distorters. Bright sounds in the background create a spacey atmosphere. Towards the end the song is mostly taken over by guitars which build up to create a vigorous feedback sound .

There have been slight and fresh changes to Magoo’s music in the 10 years since the band first formed. The eternal character and great ability of the band, on this record, like all their records, does not let the listener down

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