If its classic rock cliché you’re after then there really only is Monster Magnet. They out tap Spinal Tap and they know it, but what’s more, they love it. Leader Dave Wyndorff, now finally sans the ridiculous bumfluff that made him the Dazed & Confused high school reject he always was, has been reborn in the fire. The great fire of the ROCKKK! Clad – and rock gods are always ‘clad’, not dressed – in flame-emblazoned leather waistcoat and flame-emblazoned leather trousers (complete with eye-catching studded codpiece), Dave flings himself repeatedly off the monitors, sets a guitar alight and waves it triumphantly above his minions. Tonight Dave’s not just a spacecadet with big ideas. He’s Conan the Destroyer, he’s Robert Plant, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. He’s the beefy dude on the cover of Manowar’s seminal ‘Hail To England’ and we’re joining in Monster Magnet’s naked pagan fury. The fact that they get away with not even playing their best song, ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ (the cool one with the bit where Dave goes “I WILL DENY YOU BAY-BUH!!”) is a testament to how their iconoclastic fervour has inexplicably escaped their parents garage. Just look at the guy, on his knees howling off-key hymns to the God of drugs !. In case you need to be reminded, we are not watching the Stereophonics. We’ve got seventies hair and we’re gonna party like its 2050.

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