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Most Recent Reviews

Andrew Combs: All These Dreams - CD
Melancholic and reflective second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs, upon which his mature lyricism hides his surprising youth
Michelle Lewis: The Parts of Us That Still Remain - CD
Subtle but passionate and honest second album from melancholic Boston-based singer-songwriter, Michelle Lewis
A Place To Bury Strangers: Transfixiation - CD
Furious fourth album from New York noise rockers A Place to Bury Strangers, which proves to be a change of direction
Boo Hewerdine: My Name in the Brackets - CD
Faultless compilation album, which takes tracks from across his three decades long career from former Bible front man, the much underrated Boo Hewerdine
Lee Ranaldo and the Dust: Acoustic Dust - CD
Excellent acoustic-based solo album, which combines old and new songs as well as covers, from ex-Sonic Youth guitarist, Lee Ranaldo
Little Mountain: Little Mountain - CD
First-rate debut album from London-based trio Little Mountain which, while taking its inspiration from 60's Californian folk/rock, proves totally contemporary
Pinkshinyultrablast: Everything Else Matters - CD
Outstanding debut album from St. Petersburg-based shoegazing band, Pinkshinyultrablast
Albert King: Live in the 70s - CD
Evocative blues rock from legendary guitarist Albert King, which was recorded live across the 1970s
Spectres: Dying - CD
Fine but somewhat formulaic noise rock on debut album from abrasive Bristol-based group, Spectres
Annie Keating : Make Believing - CD
Haunting fusion of country, pop and soul on PledgeMusic-funded sixth album from gritty-voiced New York-based singer-songwriter, Annie Keating
Freddie King: Live and Loud 1968 - CD
Enthralling live album, recorded in San Francisco in 1968, from Texan-born blues guitarist, Freddie King
Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja: Hope's Beautiful Daughters - CD
Unusual but beautifully presented album from Slovenian duo, Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja, which takes its inspiration from folklore and legends
Lost Girls: Lost Girls - CD X2
Fabulous double CD from the Lost Girls, which, featuring the Kitchens of Distinction's Patrik Fitzgerald and singer-songwriter Heidi Berry, was recorded in the late 1990s but has only finally been released now
KK Null: Cryptozoon X - CD
Experimental and thought-provoking but sadly often monotonous mini-album from Japanese guitarist, KK Null
Youth: I'll Call Your Bluff/You've Done Me Wrong - 7"
Confident early 60's-influenced garage pop on vinyl-only single from Copenhagen-based quartet, the Youth
Alex Highton: Nobody Knows Anything - CD
Excellent folk/pop on second solo album from recently rediscovered Cambridgeshire-based singer-songwriter, Alex Highton
Wands: The Dawn - CD
Enthralling retro rock on debut album from Copenhagen-based psychedelic duo, the Wands
Cool Ghouls: A Swirling Fire Burning through the Rye - CD
Imaginative mid-60's pop and rock-influenced second album, with a present day lyrical edge, from San Francisco-based band, Cool Ghouls
Wild Billy Childish and CTMF: Acorn Man - CD
Fabulous garage rock/punk the second with his current band CTMF, from Medway-based cult artist Billy Childish
Teho Teardo: Ballyturk - CD
Stunning and evocative soundtrack from multi-instrumentalist Teho Teardo for writer Endo Walsh's new play, 'Ballyturk'
Gong: I See You - CD
Appealing blend of psychedelia, jazz, folk and prog-rock on latest album from 60’s survivors, Gong
Lisa Stansfield: Seven+ - CD X2
First-rate seventh album from Lisa Stansfield, which originally released earlier this year, has now been reissued with an extra CD of remixes
Sally Ironmonger: The Company I Keep - CD
Heartfelt and thought-provoking but often comical third album from earthy Medway-based folk artist and singer-songwriter, Sally Ironmonger
Inutili: Unforgettable, Lost and Unreleased - CD
Relentless and chaotic yet adventurous collection of earlier recordings from Italian art punk/blues band, Inutili
Noveller: Fantastic Planet - CD
Evocative and heartfelt latest album from Noveller, the instrumental synthesizer/guitar project of Austin, Texas-based musician and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate
Black Widow: Sacrifice - CD X2
Entertaining but superficial debut album from occult-influenced psychedelic band Black Widow, which originally released in 1970, has now been reissued in a two CD/DVD box set
Slice of Life: Love and a Lamp-post - CD
Occasionally moving but often monotonous album from Slice of Life, the new project of Crass's Steve Ignorant
David Bronson: Questions - CD
Oddly life-affirming third record from melancholic New York-based singer-songwriter David Bronson, which combines elements of soul and funk with country
Slim Twig: A Hound at the Hem - CD
Unpredictable and slow-growing but ultimately compelling debut album from Toronto-based musician Slim Twig, which initially released in 2010 only on limited edition vinyl has now been given a CD release
C'mon Tigre: C'mon Tigre - CD
Excellent debut album from global Italian duo C'mon Tigre, which was recorded across most of the continents of the world
V/A: Christmas Joy in Full Measure - CD
Uneven but enjoyable Christmas compilation from the Hands of Glory label which includes tracks from Papernut Cambridge, the Young Knives and the Webb Brothers
Bunny Gang: Thrive - CD
Enjoyable welding of alternative rock, folk, punk, and reggae on second album from the Bunny Gang, the side project of bassist Flogging Molly, Nathan Maxwell

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