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Band:Laura J. Martin
Title:Dazzle Days
Reviewed By:Maarten Schiethart

Label:Static Caravan
Release Date:Label

Merseyside-based chanteuse Laura Martin's second LP follows on from her well-received debut 'The Hangman Tree', and shows equal ambition. Assorted members of Tunng and alike have come to assist on this musical endeavour into 'nu-folk'. Flute player Laura J. Martin proves to be a wizard as her tunes speed off. That, however, is exactly what 'Dazzle Days' is all about.
Her voice appears to have been adjusted, sped up a bit. A helium effect being used to great extent, it serves to conceal the lush arrangements of 'Dazzle Days'. What Laura's voice really sounds like remains something for you to rejoice at in real life.

The unexpected listener is regardless of this in for a series of treats . 'Dazzle Days' delivers tantalising folk pop music as promised. Laura J. Martin can even turn dreary 'Sour Grapes' into a merry-go-round tune. A sense of far away wrath lingers on, but 'Dazzle Days' seamlessly blends together the big issue and dustbin tracks from this album.

Laura J. Martin's voice and flute by this stage had become so distinctive that objective listening became almost impossible, and certainly inappropriate. Her small talk fairy tales and elf gossip become so delicate that there comes a point where you simply can't resist them. Mesmerising to say the very least.

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Enthralling second album of lush folk pop from Merseyside-based singer and flautist, Laura J. Martin

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Dazzle Days - LP
Enthralling second album of lush folk pop from Merseyside-based singer and flautist, Laura J. Martin

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