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Amsterdams: Electromagnetica

Reviewed By: Adrian Huggins
Label: Amsterdams
Format: CD

The Amsterdams have built up a deserved fan base and reputation since their inception in 2006. They have played all over Europe on both their own tours and festivals, and released one previous EP and full length album.

‘Electromagnetica’ is set to take the band further afield. It has a real maturity and a sense of identity to it. Influenced heavily by the indie-rock new wave sound of the mid noughties, the band have a gentle and patient approach to writing. They employ the usual mixture of guitar, bass and drums, which they have coupled with a sensible and not over-excited use of synths and effects to boost the overall sound.

‘Apologies’, ‘Part of it’ and ‘Telescope’ serve as prime examples of this. Such tunes would appeal to fans of bands such as Bloc Party or Death Cab For Cutie. With tunes like ‘Kids Again’ and ‘On the Run’, there is a strong touch of Arcade Fire and even Kings Of Leon’s newer material in their sweeping guitars and driving drum. Both have a marching quality to them, but a march where the people in the march are taking in all the scenery as they stroll along. ‘Island of Love’ could sit right up there with the best of MGMT’s offerings as it has that modern hippy feeling.

This is a really great album that burrows its way into your brain.

Track Listing

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