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Title:Little Lucid Moments
Reviewed By:Adrian Huggins
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Label:Rune Grammofon
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Norwegian stoner/psychedelic peddlers Motorpsycho formed a fair while back in their home town of Trondheim. Their career has spanned nearly as long as their songs and for those who can appreciate the lengthy guitar-trips that these guys produce it’s a good thing they’re still around as this latest album sounds remarkably fresh.

The four track album, ‘Little Lucid Moments’, is stoner rock at it’s very best. The four tracks clock in at between 11 minutes and 20 minutes in length. It sounds a lot, but as they drift along through with several slow building movements and then some much faster crescendos none of these tracks like one long continuous song.

There is much more a feeling of songs being interwoven. The first track, ‘Suit: Little Lucid Moments’, is actually split into four separate parts and starts with the most upbeat part of the record, which sounds somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age or the Foo Fighters. Part three of this track ‘Hallucifuge’ is where the band really kick into their psychedelic best with things becoming almost dream like, in contrast to the second part, the frantic ‘A Hoof to the Head’, which is exactly as its title suggests.

‘Year Zero (A Damage Report)’ starts off sounding a lot more relaxed and slow. With a very bare bones start, it has a very quiet and drawn out build up and you never quite know if and when it is going to kick in fully. They do this in such a way that you become so totally wrapped up in it that you just end up enjoying the journey.

‘She Left on the Sun Ship’ sees vocalist/bassist Bent Saether stretching his vocal muscles out and sounding a lot younger than the number of years these guys have been around for. They rip into this song which has the remnants of a classic Nick Oliveri bass line driving the song along and contrasts well with the dark and simplistic guitars of Hans Magnus Ryan. From this it goes into an almost euphoric dreamscape that soars gently and soons sends you into a trance-like daze.

For a band that have been around for nearly 20 years 'Little Lucid Moments' shows that Motorpsycho still have a hell of a lot left in them. This album is fresh and full of ideas, and they have done a great job of crafting a sound of their own.

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