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Article Main Picture Pretty Things
Lisa Torem speaks to Phil May from legendary 60's group the Pretty Things about his band's history of over fifty years and their new album ‘The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, Of Course…)’
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas Ian Anderson
Budapest Cafe Orchestra New Dylans
Marianne Faithfull Dennis Dunaway

Article Main Picture Indietracks: Interview with Natalie and Andy Hudson
Despite being less than 10 years old, Indietracks is fast becoming every indie-pop fans favourite festival, Dixie Ernill goes behind the scenes to chat with co-organisers Nat and Andy Hudson

Live Reviews
Article Main Picture L7: Electric Ballroom, London, 16/6/2015
Tom Fogarty watches controversial all-female grunge rockers L7 make a triumphant return after a twenty year absence at the Electric Ballroom in London

Re View
Article Main Picture Mothmen: Pay Attention!
In our 'Re:View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Nicky Crewe reflects on Manchester post-punk band the Mothmen's long-lost only album 'Pay Attention', which has just been released on CD for the first time

Article Main Picture Willard Grant Conspiracy/Big Hogg: (With Nicola Black) The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 10/9/2015 and The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, 11/9/2015
We profile our next Pennyblackmusic Bands Nights which will feature the Willard Grant Conspiracy and Big Hogg at the Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Thursday 10th September and the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on Friday 11th September

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll

Billy Joel

Northern Soul

Bob Mould

Website of the Month
Article Main Picture Website of the Month: Independent Label Market
Our Website of the Month is the website for the Independent Label Market, which puts on markets for record labels across both America and the United Kingdom

Editorial by John Clarkson

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine. It has always been a large part of what we do at Pennyblackmusic to promote live some of the bands that we are

Article Comments
Nils: Profile
Re : view-The Nils: The Nils
School: Interview
School: Interview
Re : view-The Nils: The Nils
Fassbender/Russell: Interview with Kay Russell

Review Comments
Orphan Boy: Coastal Tones
Gong: I See You
Coastal: Beneath the Snow and Streetlights
Palace Fires: Palace Fires
Gretchen Peters: Blackbirds
Little Mountain: Little Mountain

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Budapest Cafe Orchestra Interview
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