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Most Recent Profiles

Jill Hughes Kirtland: Interview
Lisa Torem talks to author Jill Hughes Kirtland about her new book on female heavy metal musicians, 'Not Just Tits in a Corset: Celebrating Women in Metal'
Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat Part 1
In the first part of a three part series Jon Rogers examines the recording and making of the Velvet Underground's 1967 second album, 'White Light/White Heat'
Profile: Nine Below Zero
Tom Fogarty reflects on overlooked early 80's act Nine Below Zero, whose first two albums 'Don't Point Your Finger' and 'Third Degree' have just been re-released in double CD editions
Profile: Norwegian Wood: Thoughts on the Norwegian Music Industry
After attending an intimate gig by singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl in Manchester, Nicky Crewe reflects on the underrated Norwegian music indsutry
Film: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Anthony Strutt finds Jacques Demy's 1964 French musical 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg', which has just been released on DVD in a fiftieth anniversary edition, to be one of the classics of 1960's cinema
Paperback Writers: Rock Biographies
Richard Lewis takes a look at the recent success of Morrissey’s autobiography and other entries in the genre and asks why some artists have been profiled in print more than others
Profile: ZTT
Paul Waller reflects on three new albums, 'The Organisation of Pop', 'The Art of the 12 Inch, Volume Three' and latest Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation 'Frankie Said', released to coincide with seminal label ZTT's 30th anniversary
Profile: Fifty Years of The Who, Proud Galleries, London
Dave Goodwin attends a new exhibition of photographs on The Who at The Proud Galleries in London
Profile: Manning
Malcolm Carter examines two recent releases by much acclaimed British progressive rock band, Manning
Book: Neil Daniels - High Stakes and Dangerous Men, The UFO Story
Lisa Torem enjoys Neil Daniels' thoughtful and informative new book on underrated British rock act, UFO
Pete Seeger: 1919 - 2014
Nick Dent-Robinson reflects on the life of folk singer and political activist Pete Seeger, who died on January 27th at the age of 94
Rocket Girl: Interview with Vinita Joshi
Mark Rowland talks to Vinita Joshi, the owner of Rocket Girl, which now has released over a hundred records, about her long-standing London-based label which she has run since 1997
Len Bright Combo: Profile
The Len Bright Combo were a short-lived garage/punk band fronted by Stiff Records' Wreckless Eric. Malcolm Carter examines both their albums, 'The Len Bright Combo' and 'Combo Time', which have recently been reissued by Fire Records
Cast: Profile
Gillian Fish reflects on the career of Britpop band Cast, whose four first albums are about to be re-rleased in double CD editions
Boomtown Rats: Profile
Tony Gaughan looks back on the career of the Boomtown Rats, whose six albums have just been released in a box set, the latest in the 'Classic Album Collection' series

Jill Hughes Kirtland: Interview 03/04/2014
Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat Part 1 03/04/2014
Profile: Nine Below Zero 03/04/2014
Profile: Norwegian Wood: Thoughts on the Norwegian Music Industry 03/04/2014
Film: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 03/04/2014
Paperback Writers: Rock Biographies 24/02/2014
Profile: ZTT 23/02/2014
Profile: Fifty Years of The Who, Proud Galleries, London 23/02/2014
Profile: Manning 23/02/2014
Book: Neil Daniels - High Stakes and Dangerous Men, The UFO Story 23/02/2014
Pete Seeger: 1919 - 2014 29/01/2014
Rocket Girl: Interview with Vinita Joshi 15/01/2014
Len Bright Combo: Profile 15/01/2014
Cast: Profile 15/01/2014
Boomtown Rats: Profile 15/01/2014
Kevin Fitzgerald: Interview 14/12/2013
Profile: BBC Radiophonic Workshop 14/12/2013
Profile: Del Amitri 14/12/2013
Film: Medora 14/12/2013
Book-Craig Statham: Springsteen: Saint in the City 1949 -1974 14/12/2013
Lou Reed: 1942 - 2013 06/11/2013
Lou Reed: A Personal Tribute 06/11/2013
Book - Morrissey: Autobiography 06/11/2013
DVD: Convoy 06/11/2013
Lou Reed: The Journalists and the Media 06/11/2013
Joe Edwards: Interview 03/10/2013
Profile: The Band 03/10/2013
DVD: Love, Marilyn 03/10/2013
Book-Buddy Guy with David Ritz: When I Left Home 03/10/2013
Pennyblackmusic: 15th Anniversary 31/08/2013

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