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Most Recent Interviews

Nick Power: Interview
Harry Sherriff speaks to Nick Power, the keyboardist and co-songwriter in the Coral about his debut poetry collection, 'Small Town Chase'
Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards: Interview
Ben Howarth speaks to critically-acclaimed London-based singer-songwriter Dan Michaelson about being back with his band the Coastguards after two solo albums, and his just released latest album, 'Distance'
Galileo 7: Interview
Carl Bookstein speaks to former Prisoners and Solarflares bassist Allan Crockford about his psychedelic-influenced band Galileo 7 and their just released third album, 'False Memory Lane'
Broken Records: Interview
John Clarkson speaks to Jamie Sutherland, the singer with much acclaimed Edinburgh-based alternative rock seven-piece act Broken Records about their first album in four years, 'Weights and Pulleys', which they have released on their own label
Filter Distortion: Interview
Harry Sherriff chats to Liverpool synth group Filter Distortion, who are about to release their debut album, 'Transition', initially as a vinyl only release
musicforvoyeurs: Interview
John Clarkson talks to London-based musician and photographer Rick Senley about his brooding guitar/electronic project musicforvoyeurs, and its third album, 'The Curtains Are Opening'
Stella Burns: Interview
In his first full-length interview in English, Tuscany-based musician and front-man with the acclaimed Hollowblue Gianluca Maria Sorace speaks about his Ennio Morricone and Calexico-inspired new project Stella Burns and its debut album 'Stella Burns Loves You'
Adam Cohen: Interview
Lisa Torem chats to singer-songwriter Adam Cohen about his new album 'We Go Home', and his relationship with is father Leonard and also his own son
Human League: Interview
Lisa Torem speaks to Joanne Catherall, one of the vocalists with synth pop giants the Human League about her band's history and extraordinary career
Nina Antonia: Interview
Jamie Havlin chats to rock biographer Nina Antonia about her latest project, editing the Libertines' Pete Doherty's journals for new book, ‘From Albion to Shangri-La’
Cheetah Chrome: Interview
John Clarkson speaks to punk guitarist Cheetah Chrome about his bands Rocket from the Tombs and the Dead Boys, and 'Solo', his new mini-album and debut solo release
Roger McGuinn: Interview
Lisa Torem speaks to former Byrds singer and guitarist Roger McGuinn about his personal influences, the importance of traditional muisc and his forthcoming UK tour
Dodson and Fogg: Interview
Malcolm Carter talks to singer-songwriter Chris Wade from 60's/psychedelic-influenced band Dodson and Fogg about his band's fifth album 'After the Fall', and his new group Rexford Bello, which he has formed with his brother Andy Wade
Yes: Interview
Lisa Torem speaks to Chris Squite, the bassist with prog rock giants Yes, about their latest album 'Heaven and Earth', which is the first to feature their new singer Jon Davison
Jon Herington: Interview Part 2
..while in the second part he speaks about his recent record, 'Time On My Hands'

Full ListPublished
Nick Power: Interview 09/08/2014
Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards: Interview 09/08/2014
Galileo 7: Interview 09/08/2014
Broken Records: Interview 09/08/2014
Filter Distortion: Interview 09/08/2014
musicforvoyeurs: Interview 09/08/2014
Stella Burns: Interview 09/08/2014
Adam Cohen: Interview 09/08/2014
Human League: Interview 09/07/2014
Nina Antonia: Interview 09/07/2014
Cheetah Chrome: Interview 09/07/2014
Roger McGuinn: Interview 09/07/2014
Yes: Interview 09/07/2014
Dodson and Fogg: Interview 09/07/2014
Jon Herington: Interview Part 2 09/07/2014
Jon Herington: Interview Part 1 09/07/2014
Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye: Interview 09/07/2014
Saint Etienne: Interview 06/06/2014
I Like Trains: Interview 06/06/2014
Living Colour: Interview 06/06/2014
McCarthy: Interview 06/06/2014
Jools Holland: Interview 06/06/2014
Pontiak: Interview 06/06/2014
Fuzzbox: Interview 06/06/2014
Mama Kin: Interview 06/06/2014
Mighty Lemon Drops : Interview 06/06/2014
Servants: Interview 06/06/2014
Bodines: Interview 06/06/2014
Sean Madigan Hoen: Interview 06/06/2014
Horsebeach: Interview 06/06/2014

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