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Neal Smith : Interview - Interviews
Drummer/percussionist/songwriter Neal Smith discusses with Lisa Torem his early influences, the 2017 UK reunion of the original Alice Cooper group, solo milestones and the alchemy of true friendship.

Tautologic : Interview - Interviews
Ethan Sellers, Chicago-based, co-founder of Chicago prog rock group Tautologic, elaborates with Lisa Torem on the making of new album, ‘Re:Psychle’, on which often-marginalised people are given a voice.

Sam Phillips : Raging Pages - Features
Sam Phillips, the late owner of Sun Records in Memphis, brought Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis to fame. Lisa Torem reflects on a new book that explains the back stories behind the man’s ingenuity.

Michael Bruce : Interview - Interviews
Michael Bruce, multi-instrumentalist and co-songwriter of the original Alice Cooper Group, talks to Lisa Torem about his early 1970s work with the band, songwriting, solo ventures and playing on Cooper’s 2017 album 'Paranormal'

Dennis Dunaway : Interview - Interviews
Founder member and bassist for the original Alice Cooper Group, Dennis Dunaway chats to Lisa Torem about his contribution to Cooper’s recent Paranormal LP and his well-received memoir ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group'.

Buffy Sainte-Marie : Interview - Interviews
Canadian-born songwriter/performer and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie,speaks to Lisa Torem about her new album ‘Medicine Songs’

Jethro Tull : Interview - Interviews
Lisa Torem speaks to Jethro Tull frontman and solo artist Ian Anderson about Jethro Tull's forthcoming 50th Anniversary upcoming UK tour, his favourite autograph and the curse of collaboration.

Renee Rosen : Interview - Interviews
Lisa Torem speaks with Chicago-based author, Renee Rosen, about her latest novel, 'Windy City Blues', which is set in 1950s and 1960s Chicago.

Alice Cooper : Arena, Birmingham, 14/11/2017 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem chronicles events, leading to a historical Alice Cooper Group reunion in Nashville and this year's multi-city Alice Cooper tour in the UK, including a show she attends in Birmingham.

Happy Mondays : Roundhouse, London, 16/11/2017 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem enjoys an energetic set of greatest hits from the Happy Mondays at the Roundhouse in London.

Blondie : 02 Apollo, Manchester, 11/11/2017 - Live Reviews
LIsa Torem watches groundbreaking NYC New Wave act Blondie combine recent and vintage material to dazzling effect at a sold-out show at the Apollo in Manchester.

Thomas Lang : Scallywag Jaz - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re: View' section, in which we look back at albums from the past, Lisa Torem finds that the 30th Anniversary Edition of Thomas Lang’s 1987 debut album ‘Scallywag Jaz’ is even swarthier and more meaningful the second time around.

Windy City Blues : Raging Pages - Features
In 'Raging Pages' Lisa Torem finds that Chicago-based author Renee Rosen captures the ghosts of music past with her informative and lively novel, 'Windy City Blues', based on Chess Record legacy and an interracial couple.

May Pang : Interview 2 - Interviews

May Pang : Interview 1 - Interviews
May Pang recalls her rise as a music executive, explores the art of song plugging and demystifies her relationship with John Lennon, and more with Lisa Torem in an exclusive two-part interview.

Michael Bloomfield : Profile - Profiles
Mike Bloomfield was once known as a Chicago blues icon, playing with The Butterfield Blues Band, The Electric Flag, and as a soloist. Lisa Torem listens to two newly-released albums of his stunning work.

Leon Wildes : Raging Pages - Features
Immigration attorney Leon Wildes won the infamous John Lennon vs. The USA deportation case, allowing Lennon and Yoko Ono to remain in New York City. Lisa Torem in 'Raging Pages' examines his book, 'John Lennon vs. the USA', highlights the drama and its aftermath.

Roger Waters : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem finds that Dave Thompson doesn’t stand on ceremony in his new biography about former Pink Floyd composer Roger Waters, and that exclusive interviews and diligent detail spike a variety of insights.

Janis Ian : Interview - Interviews
American singer-songwriter Janis Ian talks to Lisa Torem about 'The Essential 2.0', her new double CD of remasters which spans her entire career.

Dweezil Zappa : Interview - Interviews
American guitarist/composer/actor Dweezil Zappa chats to Lisa Torem about his forthcoming UK tour and his father Frank's legacy

Leon Wildes : Interview - Profiles
Leon Wildes, author of 'John Lennon vs the USA', immigration attorney and winner of this groundbreaking case, talks about working with Lennon and Yoko Ono, legal challenges and the effects on posterity.

Billy Bragg : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages'book review column Lisa Torem finds musician Billy Bragg's new book about the skiffle genre to be as educational as it is entertaining.

Dweezil Zappa : City Winery, Chicago, 7/7/2017 - Live Reviews
American guitarist and educator Dweezil Zappa entertains fans at City Winery Chicago with delightful stories about his father, formative career and more, using his red SG for effect.

Pamela Des Barres : Raging Pages - Features
While in Pamela Des Barres' debut memoir, 'I’m with The Band', she disclosed her groupie secrets, Lisa Torem finds in 'Raging Pages' in her new book 'Let It Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir' her sharing her fresh approach to writing the 'femoir'.

Cindy Smith Dunaway : Interview - Interviews
Designer Cindy Smith Dunaway talks about creating costumes for the Alice Cooper Group, her upcoming book and more with Lisa Torem

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