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Lani Hall Alpert : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem finds jazz singer and musician Lani Hall Alpert distilling hard-scrabble Chicago life, debilitating illness, crummy therapists, disoriented hitchhikers and more in her first book 'Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories'.

Kevin Armstrong : Interview - Interviews
British guitarist/songwriter/producer Kevin Armstrong’s new album, ‘Run’ is rife with exciting tracks. He talks about the new release as well as working with legends such as Brian Eno, David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Lani Hall : Interview - Interviews
Singer/producer Lani Hall discusses her evocative book 'Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories', her international singing career and what keeps her current

Dhani Harrison : Interview 2016 - Interviews
Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison and Olivia Harrison, has formed several bands and most recently released a solo album. In this 2016 archival interview he spoke to Lisa Torem before a show in Chicago.

Jim Summaria and Mark Plotnick : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem finds a Chicagoland concert photographer and writer recalling once-in-a lifetime classic rock moments

Tony Visconti : Interview - Interviews
Seminal producer Tony Visconti talks about working with drummer Woody Woodmansey with Holy Holy, recording with David Bowie in the studio and his legacy.

Mud Morganfield : Space, Evanston, 4/1/2019 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem finds bringing in the aftermath of the new year to be a delight when Mud Morganfield aka Muddy Waters Jr. and his band unleashed fresh cuts from his latest album ‘They Call Me Mud’ as well as classics.

Bruce Iglauer/Alligator Records : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Chicago-based writer Lisa Torem finds ‘Bitten by the Blues’ about the Windy City label, Alligator Records, to be a compelling, frank and informative read.

Third Rail : ID Music - Favourite Album Reviews
Lisa Torem finds that the Third Rail’s 1967 only album ‘ID Music’ is somewhat dated, yet a fine period piece for those with fond memories of an earlier time.

Mud Morganfield : Interview - Interviews
Mud Morganfield, AKA Muddy Waters Jr., speaks about performing at the upcoming London Blues Week this coming January at the 100 Club and his latest album 'They Call Me Mud' with fellow Chicagoan Lisa Torem.

Struts : House of Blues, Chicago, 24/11/2018 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem is mesmerised by charismatic and energetic British rockers The Struts when they head out to Chicago for a House of Blues gig.

Green Day : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem in 'Raging Pages' inds Hank Bordowitz’s Green Day FAQ about the Bay Area-formed 1980’s band is both educational and revealing.

Woody Woodmansey : Interview - Interviews
Drummer Woody Woodmansey speaks to Lisa Torem about Holy Holy’s upcoming UK tour, his compelling memoir and working in the studio with David Bowie.

Lucas and King : Interview - Interviews
Lucas and King, the award-winning 60's-influenced duo which consists of vocalist Bo Lucas and guitarist Hayleigh King, discuss with Lisa Torem their just released eponymous debut album.

Joe Milliken : Interview - Interviews
Music journalist Joe Milliken, author of a new biography about The Cars’ Ben Orr, talks to Lisa Torem about the book and the process behind writing it.

Matt Brown : Interview - Interviews
Executive Producer Matt Brown talks to Lisa Torem about 'On Big Shoulders', his fascinating album project which takes as its theme the city of Chicago.

Ashley Reaks : Interview - Interviews
In our third interview with him, Lisa Torem speaks to experimental artist and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Reaks about his latest album, ‘The Earth Swan Sings Again'.

Bob Weir and Wolf Brothers : Chicago Theater, Chicago, 1/11/2018 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem finds that former Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir’s terrific pairing with producer/bassist Don Was and drummer Jay Lane at the Chicago Theater makes for almost three hours of engaging music.

Ahmad Jamal : Symphony Center, Chicago, 12/10/2018 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem enjoys watching jazz legend Ahmad Jamal and his trio play a sparkling set at Chicago’s Symphony Center

Sylvain Sylvain : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem in her 'Raging Pages' book column finds former New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain in his autobiography ‘There’s No Bones in Ice Cream’ using humour and hip historical context to relay his unique story.

Woody Woodmansey : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem in 'Raging Pages' finds that drummer/author Woody Woodmansey’s timeless memoir about his years with David Bowie backing group, the Spiders from Mars is a veritable 'must-have'.

Billy Idol : Vital Idol Revitalized - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re:view' section, in which we look back at albums from the past, Lisa Torem examines ‘Vital Idol: Revitalized’, a new masterfully remixed edition of Billy Idol’s 1980’s classic ‘Vital Idol’.

Ringo Starr : BMO Harris Pavilion, Milwaukee, 8/9/2018 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem watches Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band entertain a multi-generational crowd at Milwaukee’s BMO Harris Pavilion for two exhilarating hours.

Geoff Emerick : Raging Pages - Features
At nineteen, the late Geoff Emerick became the Beatles' chief engineer and greatly influenced 'Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'Revolver' and 'Abbey Road'. Lisa Torem in her 'Raging Pages' book column reviews his book, 'Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles'.

Benjamin Orr : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem finds that 'Let's Go!', Joe Milliken’s comprehensive book about the late singer/bassist Ben Orr and his career with The Cars is well-researched and peppered with insight.

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