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Philip Glass : The Perfect American, Opera Theater, Chicago, 30/4/2017 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem enjoys the hypnotic harmonies, strong performances and contemporary perspectives of 'The Perfect American' by composer Philip Glass

Robin Trower : Copernicus Center, Chicago, 29/4/2017 - Live Reviews
Time stands still for Lisa Torem when Robin Trower and his trio perform at Chicago’s Copernicus Center.

Yes : Raging Pages - Features
In 'Raging Pages', her book column, Lisa Torem finds that Will Romano's new book about the 1972 Yes album, 'Close to the Edge' successfully addresses the album's legacy.

Frank Zappa : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem finds that John Corcelli's new book 'Frank Zappa FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Father of Invention' highlights the American composer's complex compositions and legacy

Mark Farner : Interview - Interviews
Guitarist/singer-songwriter Mark Farner, former front man of Grand Funk Railroad and solo artist, discusses his musical legacy and desire to connect with veterans and Native Americans

Garland Jeffreys : Interview - Interviews
The legendary Garland Jeffreys and his band will soon release his third album in six years. He chats to Lisa Torem about the songs, the guests and his early influences.

Stewart Copeland : The Invention of Morel, Chicago, Illinois, 24/2/2017 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem watches Chicago Opera Theater's exciting telling of 'The Invention of Morel' which features the collaboration of former Police drummer Stewart Copeland with British playwright/director Jonathan Moore

The Train Kept A-Rollin’ : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem examines prolific Welsh author Spencer Vignes new book 'The Train Kept A-Rollin’, How The Train Song Changed The Face of Popular Music', which brings to life the way train travel has influenced songwriters and performers through multiple eras

Branford Marsalis Quartet and Kurt Elling : Symphony Center, Chicago - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem watches from the balcony as the Branford Marsalis Quartet and Kurt Elling join forces for an exciting night at the Chicago Symphony Center

10cc : Interview - Interviews
In his second Pennyblackmusic interview, award-winning British songwriter Graham Gouldman discusses with Lisa Torem 10cc’s upcoming UK tour and songs that fired up his youthful imagination

Paul Nelson : Interview - Interviews
American producer, arranger and guitarist and foremer Johnny Winter manager Paul Nelson talks with Lisa Torem about 'Badass Generation, his band’s debut album

Brian Wilson : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem enjoys Brian Wilson's new biography which highlights his gifts as an arranger but also chronicles his struggles with mental illness

Marvin Gardens : 1968 - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re:View' section, Lisa Torem examines lost San Francisco psychedelic band Marvin Gardens just released album, which consists of almost their full catalogue of both studio and live recordings

Patti Smith : Raging Pages - Features
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem finds musician/author Patti Smith's 'M Train to be a deep, exploratory memoir, suitable for travellers, creatives and more

Philip Glass : Old Town School of Folk Music, 3/11/2016 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem watches American composer Philip Glass perform an eloquent solo show at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music

Zombies : Interview - Interviews
Rod Argent, the keyboardist with the the Zombies, discusses their upcoming UK tour, his love of writing and arranging and the highlights of his former band, Argent.

Reuben Hollebon : Interview - Interviews
Lisa Torem speaks to Norfolk singer-songwriter Reuben Hollebon about touring and his evocative songwriting

Simon Townshend : Profile - Profiles
Lisa Torem examines British singer-songwriter Simon Townshend's albums, 2012's ‘Looking Out Looking in’ and 2014's ‘She Asked Me’, both of which he has re-released in remastered and expanded editions on his own Stir label

Lampedusa : A Concert for Refugees, Vic Theatre, Chicago, 13/10/2016 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem enjoyed the spectacular lineup, which included Robert Plant and Emmylou Harris, at the Lampedusa: Concert for Refugees

Gang Of Four : Metro, Chicago, 30/9/2016 - Live Reviews
Lisa Torem watches as post-punk outfit Gang of Four bowl over new fans as well as old at a gig at Chicago's intimate Metro

Lost Rockers, Broken Dreams and Crashed Careers : Raging Pages - Features
Lisa Torem in her 'Raging Pages' examines ‘Lost Rockers, Broken Dreams and Crashed Careers’, a cautionary book that pays tribute to hardworking but unsuccessful musical contenders

Suzanne Vega : Interview - Interviews
Lisa Torem talks to New York singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega about author Carson McCullers, the new album which she inspired and her upcoming tour

Gang Of Four : Interview - Interviews
Andy Gill, frontman, co-founder and only remaining original member of British post-punk band, the Gang of Four, speaks to Lisa Torem about new multi-media project ‘Live..In The Moment’ as well as his vast experience as a producer, guitarist and arranger

Byrd : Interview - Interviews
Chicago radio personality, Byrd, speaks with Lisa Torem about his programming choices, on air and in-person fan rapport and how he nabbed his dream job

Johnny Winter : Raging Pages - Features
In 'Raging Pages', her monthly book column, Lisa Torem enjoys Mary Lou Sullivan’s expertly written biography, 'Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter'

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