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Nitin Sawhney : Interview - Interviews
Musician and composer Nitin Sawhney speaks to Sarah Maybank at a gig at the Union Chapel in London about his new concept album, 'The Last Days of Meaning', and recent soundtrack, 'Human Planet'

Nitin Sawhney : Union Chapel, London, 4/11/2011 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank watches Indian-British musician, producer and composer Nitin Sawhney play a stunning set at the Union Chapel in London to promote his new album, 'Last Days of Meaning'

Ladytron : Interview - Interviews
Sarah Maybank talks to Mira Aroyo from seminal electronic act Ladytron about her band's forthcoming album 'Gravity the Seducer', touring with Nine Inch Nails and appearing on 'The Simpsons'

Ladytron : Forum, London, 8/6/2011 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank watches electronic act Ladytron play a mesmerisingly chilly but muscular greatest hits set at the Forum in London

Moriarty : Dingwalls, London, 4/11/2009 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank finds spellbinding a short set from Americana act Moriarty at a show at the Union Chapel in London

Heavy Trash : Interview - Interviews
Sarah Maybank finds Jon Spencer to be in aggressive mood when she speaks to him about Heavy Trash's new album, 'Midnight Soul Mood', and how he divides his time between it and his other band, the Blues Explosion

Cornershop : Interview - Interviews
One of the great British bands, Cornershop are back after with their first album in seven years. Sarah Maybank speaks to front man Tjinder Singh about the new record, 'Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast', and why there has been such a prolonged absence between albums

Vivian Girls : Interview - Interviews
Sarah Maybank speaks to Cassie Ramone from discordant all-girl New York-based trio the Vivian Girls about their eponymous debut album which sold out within 10 days and the band's hard touring schedule

King Khan : Dirty Water Club, London, 12/12/2008 - Live Reviews
Canadian garage rocker King Khan and his band the Shrines recently played their first ever British dates. Sarah Maybank watches him play an inflammatory set like a man deranged at the London Dirty Water Club

Marble Valley : Interview - Interviews
A multi-national English/Dutch/American coalition, Marble Valley are former Pavement and Silver Jews member Steve West's current band. In a hilarious chat, Sarah Maybank talks to him, drummer Andy Dimmack and keyboardist Carl Hogarth, about their recently released fourth album, 'Slash and Laugh'

Underground Railroad : Interview - Interviews
At a gig at Rough Trade East in London, Sarah Maybank speaks to Parisian alt-rock band about their recent move to London, and their well-received, grunge-influenced second album, 'Sticks and Stones'

Smoke Fairies : Interview - Interviews
Blues folk duo the Smoke Fairies have attracted the interest of among others Bryan Ferry who they recently toured with. Sarah Maybank speaks to Jessica Davies and Kaf Blamire about their group and new single, 'Living with Ghosts'

Tricky : Barbican, London, 6/10/2008 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank finds Tricky's fire and brimstone trip hop spellbinding at his first London show in five years at the Barbican

Film : Donkey Punch - Profiles
With a strong soundtrack that swings from Peter, Bjorn and John to Bloc Party, Sarah Maybank finds much to enjoy in claustrophobic new British thriller, 'Donkey Punch'

XX Teens : ICA, London, 29/5/2008 - Live Reviews
At the ICA in London, Sarah Maybank enjoys a set of feral dance rock from the dressed-for-the-office, but frantically energetic XX Teens

Operator Please : Interview - Interviews
Five piece-teenage Australian group have just released their debut album, 'Yes, Yes Vindicative' and have played support slots with Bloc Party, the Go! Team and Maximo Park. Sarah Maybank chats to front woman Amandah Wilkinson about her group's intense self-discipline

Operator Please : Pure Groove Records, London, 15/2/2008 - Live Reviews
At the tiny venue of Pure Groove Records, possibly north London's smallest record shop, Sarah Maybank is both impressed and scared by upbeat Australian teenage five piece Operator Please's professionalism and musical talent

Lightspeed Champion : Interview - Interviews
Lightspeed Champion's debut album, 'Falling Off the Lavender Bridge', has been one of the most acclaimed albums of the years and has won almost universal praise, but frontman Dev Hynes explains to Sarah Maybank why he doesn't think it is that good

Graham Day : Interview - Interviews
The former frontman with cult garage rock groups the Prisoners and the Solarflares, Graham Day has recently returned to live work with his latest band the Gaolers, and their debut album, ‘Soundtrack To The Daily Grind’. Sarah Maybank speak to him about his long musical career and the new album

Victorian English Gentlemens Club : Islington Academy, London, 21/11/2007 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank watches Cardiff trio the Victorian English Gentlemens Club blast their way through a breathtakingly frenzied but unmelodic set at the London Islington Academy

Graham Day and the Gaolers : Dirty Water Club, London, 2/11/2007 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank watches Graham Day, the former frontman with garage rockers the Prisoners and Solarflares, blast his way through a firestorming set with his new band the Gaolers at the Dirty Water Club in London

Charlotte Hatherley : Interview - Interviews
Ex-Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley talks to Sarah Maybank about leaving her former band and her just released second solo album, 'The Deep Blue'

Charlotte Hatherley : Borderline, London, 24/10/2007 - Live Reviews
Sarah Maybank at the Borderline in London watches former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley rework her second solo album 'The Deep Blue' to stunning effect as an intimate, 'Unplugged'-style acoustic set

Brakes : Interview - Interviews
Sarah Maybank speaks to Brakes' frontman Eamaon Boland about the fiery political nature of his band, his love of touring and the group's plans for its soon-to-be recorded third album

Animal Collective : Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007 - Live Reviews
At the Astoria 2 in London, Sarah Maybank watches experimental art trio Animal Collective play a dark relationship conflict-inducing, but hit-and-miss set

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