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Jaed : Arts Theatre, London, 1/3/2006 - Live Reviews
At one of their first London shows, Dave Toynton watches Australian hardcore punk group Jaed play a blistering set

Laibach : Film from Slovenia/Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994 - Features
Consecutively released with their 'Videos', controversial Slovenian act Laibach's two part 'Film from Slovenia/Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994' helps to make further sense of their myth. Dave Toynton finds it brilliant stuff

Boss Martians : Interview - Interviews
Seattle-based new wave act the Boss Martians have recently released their latest album 'The Set Up' and also toured Europe for the first time. Dave Toynton speaks to frontman Evan Foster about his group's influences and history

Rezillos : Astoria, London, 4/12/2004 - Live Reviews
The Rezillos recently played their first shows in nearly two years . At a London show Dave Toynton watches them put on an electric performance

Laibach : Electric Ballroom, London, 16/12/2004 - Live Reviews
Laibach have just celebrated a quarter of a century of making music. At a recent London show, Dave Toynton watches them turn a performance into visual art

Mighty Roars : Archway, London, 20/10/2004 - Live Reviews
Fast, furious and loud, new London group the Mighty Roars have all the landmarks of a great punk band. Dave Toynton enjoys "their set of hard, raunchy, ecstatic punk rock" at the Archway in London

Mighty Roars : Interview - Interviews
The Mighty Roars are a four piece punk band from East London. Swedish-born frontwoman Lara Granquist talks to Dave Toynton about the group's first year of making music together and their debut EP, 'Take a Bite of Peach'

Alice Donut : There's a Curious Lump in My Sack - Features
New York punks Alice Donut reformed in 2003 after a seven year break, and have just brought a new live DVD from a London show they played at the Camden Underworld earlier this year. Dave Toynton finds their eccentric form of thrash punk highly appealing

Re : view-Punishment of Luxury : Laughing Academy - Favourite Album Reviews
In the latest in our 'Re : view' series in which our writers look back on records that they feel deserve a second evaluation, Dave Toynton examines 1970's punk band Punishment of Luxury's lost classic, 'The Laughing Academy'

Midnight Creeps : Metro, London, 14/7/2004 - Live Reviews
Rhode Island punks the Midnight Creeps take their inspiration from many of the best New York and Detroit bands of the 70's. New writer Dave Toynton finds them on a short tour of Britain a credit to the infleunces they so very much admire

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