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Tales from the Sound Desk : The European Invasion Part 2 - Features
In the second and final part of his account of touring Europe with a rising indie band, Phil Vincent writes of two nights in the Netherlands, and trying to maintain order with his drunken group

Tales from the Sound Desk : The European Invasion Part 1 - Features
In the opening instalment of a new episode in his 'Tales of the Sound Desk' series, sound engineer/tour manager Phil Vincent tells of travelling across Europe with a rising indie band, and a fraught first day surviving lost passports, a dodgy van and Rotterdam's lack of parking facilities

Tales from the Sound Desk : TDK Cross Central Festival Part 3 - Features
In the third and final part of his account of working at this summer's TDK Cross Festival in his new 'Tales from the Sound Desk' series, Philip Vincent tells of its second day

Raconteurs : Brixton Academy, London, 19/10/2006 - Live Reviews
At the Brixton Academy in London, Philip Vincent watches the White Stripes' Jack White's new band the Raconteurs play a blinding set, but with tickets costing twenty pounds each, and the group on stage for just forty minutes, asks if they are over playing White's involvement

Tales from the Sound Desk : TDK Cross Central Festival Part 2 - Features
In the second episode of a three part article in his new series 'Tales from the Sound Desk', professional sound engineer Philip Vincent writes about a nightmarish evening working at the TDK Cross Central Festival, which took place at Kings Cross Freight Depot in London in August

Tales from the Sound Desk : TDK Cross Central Festival Part 1 - Features
In the opening episode of a three part article in a new series, professional sound engineer Philip Vincent writes about his experiences working at the TDK Cross Central Festival, which took place at Kings Cross Freight Depot in London and featured acts such as Grace Jones, Goldfrapp and the Others

Reuben : Islington Academy Bar, London, 20/10/2005 - Live Reviews
Philip Vincent has been following hard rockers Reuben since he was 16 and they were a local band in his native Aldershot. At Londons large Islington Academy, he sees everything at last come together for them as they play a sold out, headline show.

Alabama 3 : Brook, Southampton, 17/10/2005 - Live Reviews
When Philip Vincent saw acid house country rockers Alabama 3 in Southampton this summer, it was for him one of the musical highlights of his year. Back to see them there for a second time, he finds history sadly failing to repeat itself

Paint It Black : Underworld, London, 24/6/2005 - Live Reviews
Paint it Black recently completed a European tour. At the London Underworld Philip Vincent sees them take "the over-used Black Flag style of aggro punk" and rejuvenate it "with an armful of adrenalin directed straight to the frontal lobes"

Alabama 3 : Interview - Interviews
Country Acid House pioneers the Alabama 3 have just released their fifth album 'Outlaw'. Philip Vincent speaks to frontman Larry Love about it and the band's unique take on politics at a gig in Southampton

Alabama 3 : Brook, Southampton, 29/5/2005 - Live Reviews
Country and western acid house rockers Alabama 3 recently toured Britain. At the Southampton Brook Philip Vincent watches them play to an obsessive crowd and finds them a totally "unique live experience"

Planes Mistaken for Stars : West End Centre, Aldershot, 13/1/2005 - Live Reviews
Planes Mistaken for Stars recently concluded a much acclaimed British tour. At a show in Aldershot, Philip Vincent watches them put on a stunning performance

Stray Cats : Rumble in Brixton - Features
80's rockabilly outfit the Stray Cats have recently returned with a new live DVD and CD, 'Rumble in Brixton'. Philip Vincent welcomes their return, but finds little new or essential except for die-hard fans

Arco : Interview - Interviews
Back after a four year absence, softly melancholic London trio arco recently returned with a second album, Restraint'. Philip Vincent speaks to them about it and why they have been so long away

Jesse Malin : Fez, Reading, 1/10/2004 - Live Reviews
On a recent British tour Jesse Malin accompanied himself with just a piano, an acoustic guitar and a feamle backing singer. Philip Viincent discovers exactly what a little "close harmony" can do

Re : View-Vex Red : Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire - Favourite Album Reviews
Hard rock band Vex Red were briefly touted as the next big thing, but recorded just one album, 'Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire' before splitting up. Phil Vincent explains 18 months on from their demise why it continues to have a grip on him

Million Dead : West End Centre, Aldershot, 31/7/2004 - Live Reviews
Million Dead have added new life to the rapidly fading hard core/femo formula pupularised by the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Finch. Philip Vincent finds himself in the mosh at the Aldershot West End Centre for the first time in half a decade

Guilfest : Guildford, 16/7/2004...18/7/2004 - Live Reviews
Guilfest has in recent years risen to become one of Britain's recent rock festivals. Over the course of a busy weekend, Philip Vincent enjoys sets among others from the likes of Hot Club of Cowtown, Simple Kid, Katie Melua, and Simple Minds

Suzanne Vega : Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 7/7/2004 - Live Reviews
Philip Vincent knew little about Suzanne Vega before he went to her recent show at the London Shepherd's Bush Empire. He comes away completely captivated and enthralled

Septembre : Interview - Interviews
Septembre is the new band of Terry Abbott, the former frontman with mainstream grunge act, Vex Red. He talks to Philip Vincent about starting over again and the band's new debut EP

Deconstruction Festival : Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004 - Live Reviews
At London's Deconstruction Festival, Philip Vincent finds himself reconverted to punk after watching sets from the likes of Pennywise, MxPx., Anti-Flag, the Slackers and the Beatsteaks

Starlite Desperation : Mean Fiddler, London, 10/6/2004 - Live Reviews
Monterey, California's Starlite Desperation recently reformed and played their first British tour in several years.Emma Haigh watches them play an electrifying and powerful set at the London Mean Fiddler

Renton : Tour Diary - Features
Philip Vincent recently went with rising North London guitar band Renton on a four date British mini tour. In his diary , he tells of his experiences as a soundman out on the road for the very first time

Drunk Horse and the Tokyo Dragons : Metro, London, 24/4/2005 - Live Reviews
At the Metro Club in London, Philip Vincent sees 70's retro rockers Drunk Horse put on only a mediocre performance, but is blwon away by their support, the Tokyo Dragons

St Thomas : Interview - Interviews
Norwegian indie folk band St Thomas have just released their latest album, 'Let's Grow Together-The Comeback of St Thomas' on the Track and Field label. Philip Vincent talks to them about it and touring

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