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Loves : Toynbee Arts Cafe, London, 21/2/2003 - Live Reviews
With their debut album out shortly, Cardiff's the Loves are one of the great hopes of British indie pop. Gary Wollen finds their "crash, bang, wallop concoction of the coolest 60's underground chic" and "Bubblegum accessibility" to be irresistible

Favourite Album-Orange Juice : You Can't Hide Your Love Forever - Favourite Album Reviews
In the latest in our Favourite Albums series, in which a different one of our writers writes each month about an album of his or her choice, Gary Wollen describes the long-lasting impact on him of Orange Juice's seminal 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'

June Brides : Interview with Phil Wilson - Interviews
The June Brides combination of punk attitude and spiky pop made them one of the most endearing and copied independent groups in the UK in the 80's. Gary Wollen talks to vocalist Phil Wilson about the group's short, but influential three year history

Loves : Interview - Interviews
One of the rising stars of the Track and Field label, Cardiff's the Loves have recently released their second single 'Just Like Bobby D'. Gary Wollen is enraptured with their cool reckless charm and personable optimism

Sickroom Gramophone Collective : Interview with Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson - Profiles
Norwich's the Sickroom Gramophone Collective has met with major success with Bearsuit and is one of the up-and-coming labels in Britain. Owners Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson talk to Gary Wollen about its spectacular rise

Loves : London Betsey Trotwood, 24/5/2002 - Live Reviews
Despite being treated with antipathy in their native Cardiff, Gary Wollen discoversthe Loves' recent gig in London to be "a genuine reason to believe in music again"

Saloon : Interview - Interviews
Saloon's debut album '((This is) What We Call Progress' was released on the Track and Field label in April to critical acclaim. Adam Cresswell and Amanda Gomez from the band talk to Gary Wollen about its production, their influences and playing live

Track and Field : Pow to the People, 31/3/2002 - Live Reviews
The third annual Pow to the People festival at the Camden Monarch in London featured such indie pop lumionaries as the Butterflies of Love, Woodchuck, Cane 141 and Saloon. Gary Wollen has a riveting Easter Sunday

Bear Suit : Interview - Interviews
Described by John Peel as "the pop sensation that's seeping the nation", Norwich band Bearsuit are one of the rising stars of indie pop. In one of their first interviews, Gary Wollen catches up with the group on a North London stairwell

Bearsuit : London Toynbee Arts Centre, 22/2/02 - Live Reviews
Norwich's Bearsuit are "musically unprincipled and inadvertently messy", but new writer Gary Wollen finds a recent London show to be "gorgeous, sublime and damn fine !"

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