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Mogwai : Barrowlands, Glasgow, 19/10/2003 - Live Reviews
Mogwai's complex form of Maths rock has as many detractors as it does fans. Peter Liddle at the Glasgow Barrowlands finds them continuing to "deliver a sound unlike any other band" and argues that that it is this why they are so important

Breeders : Glasgow QMU, 29/5/2002 - Live Reviews
In the second of our two Breeders live reviews this month, Breeders novice Peter Liddle finds the recently reformed Deal twins' to be as much "an essential part of today's scene" as an influential part of the past

Nick Drake : Five Leaves Left - Favourite Album Reviews
It's strange that this album was made in 1969. It still rivals pretty much any acoustic album out there, and though Nick Drake's songs might not be the most well-known, you'll recognise the style and poetry because popular music seems to have embraced wha

Seafood : Interview - Interviews

My Vitriol : Interview - Interviews

Sit 'n' Spin : Interview - Interviews

Hundred Reasons : Interview - Interviews

Turn : Interview - Interviews

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