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Arab Strap : London Shepherd's Bush Empire - Live Reviews
After Mogwai's appearance last month it was the other half of the famed Scottish Army who took the Shepherds Bush Empire by storm tonight. Arab Strap approach Mogwai's live intensity at times, combining a more laidback sound with Aidan's entertaining stor

Woe / Rollerball : London Arts Cafe, 18th May 2001 - Live Reviews
Varied descriptions of the bands playing tonight left me excited but quite unsure what to expect. Woe apparently combine the ethos of punk and hardcore with quiet folk and jazz instrumentation, while Rollerball were described as a gypsy-band Godspeed you

Aerogramme / Fly Am : London Camden Underworld - Live Reviews
The 'post-rock' tag so often bestowed on bands like these gives an unfair impression. Images of shoegazing experimental guitar opuses (opi?) and cerebral knob-twiddling were put firmly to rest by both bands on the night, demonstrating that post-rock never

Mogwai : London Shepherd's Bush Empire, 19th April - Live Reviews
After partying on a remote Scottish isle, Mogwai's arrival in London looked set to prove to a packed audience that they remain one of the few truly awe-inspiring, noisy and original live acts still around.

Les Savy : Interview - Interviews

No Logo-Politics and the Underground : No Logo-Politics and the Underground - Features

Low : Union Chapel, 10th November 2000 - Live Reviews

Dirty Three : Union Chapel, 22/8/2000 - Live Reviews

Sonic Youth : Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, - Live Reviews

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