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Wag Club : Profile - Profiles
While the original 80's club could be horrendously snobby, Mark Rowland finds that a new four CD Wag Club compilation BOX SET digs out some long forgotten gems

Pavement : All Tomorrow’s Parties, Minehead, June 2010 - Features
Mark Rowland relives his favourite gig of all time, a long-awaited chance to see Pavement at their curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead

Wedding Present : Profile - Profiles
Mark Rowland reflects on the first decade of the Wedding Present's career, who are about to have their first six albums, from 1987's 'George Best' to 1996's 'Saturnalia', reissued in deluxe three CD and DVD boxsets

Cardiacs : Sing to God - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back on the albums from the past, Mark Rowland reflects on English art rockers the Cardiacs' recently reissued 1996 album. 'Sing to God'

Death : Interview - Interviews
Mark Rowland chats to long lost 70's Detroit garage rock outfit Death about their sudden emergence from obscurity to cult act and their recently released third retrospective

Sebadoh : Ten Songs That Made Me Love... - Features
In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Mark Rowland reflects on his favourite songs by the American alternative rockers Sebadoh

Flaming Lips : (Gig of a Lifetime) Lovebox, London, July 2008 - Features
Mark Rowland, in our 'Gig of a Lifetime' series, writes of seeing the Flaming Lips for the first time at the Lovebox Festival in 2008

Rocket Girl : Interview with Vinita Joshi - Profiles
Mark Rowland talks to Vinita Joshi, the owner of Rocket Girl, which now has released over a hundred records, about her long-standing London-based label which she has run since 1997

Rock 101 : Buying Records - Features
In Rock 101 Mark Rowland reflects upon the joys even in present times of buying records

Book-Rob Jovanovic : Big Star: The Story of Rock's Forgotten Band - Profiles
Mark Rowland examines Rob Jovanovic's revised and updated biography 'Big Star: The Sory of Rock's Forgotten Band' while tells of the frequently tragic story of Memphis-based band Big Star

Pere Ubu : Interview - Interviews
Mark Rowland talks to David Thomas, the front man with influential alternative rock act Pere Ubu, about his band’s new ‘dance’-influenced album, ‘The Lady From Shanghai'

Thomas Newman : Interview - Interviews
Mark Rowland chats to American film composer Thomas Newman about his soundtrack for the new James Bond film, 'Skyfall'

Cosmo Jarvis : Interview - Interviews
Mark Rowland chats to London-based singer-songwriter and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his low budget new film, 'The Naughty Room', which is about to receive its first television showing

Rock 101 : Sick of the 60s? You'll Have to Change the World - Features
In 'Rock 101' Mark Rowland reflects upon the massive debt the world owes to the 60s, but also asks if we have stepped back as a result of it

Laetitia Sadier : Interview - Interviews
Ex-Stereolab front woman Laetitia Sadier speaks to Mark Rowland about the strong and angry political nature of 'Silencio', her new solo album

Rock 101 : Film Composition: A Tribute - Features
In the latest in his 'Rock 101' column, Mark Rowland looks at writing music for cinema, and what makes an effective film score

Profile : Small Faces - Profiles
Mark Rowland looks back on the career of 60's mod outfit the Small Faces, whose four albums have just been been re-released in double CD editions

Rock 101 : Indieconomy: The Rise of the Bandcamp Bands - Features
Mark Rowland in 'Rock 101' looks at how, through internet sites and market stalls such as Bandcamp, groups are increasingly avoiding record labels all together to put their albums and singles out

Rock Salt Row : Stereotyping - Features
Mark Rowland in 'Rock 101' looks at the media's habit of pushing everyone into different categories

Rock 101 : Pop's Example to the World's Young Men - Features
Mark Rowland in 'Rock 101' reflects upon the disturbing attitudes that are often displayed by the music industry with regard to violence and sexism against women

Rock 101 : Heavy Metal: The Sci-fi/Fantasy of Music - Features
In his 'Rock 101' column, Mark Rowland reflects upon the often maligned genre of heavy metal and asks if it can ever become cool

Rock 101 : The Christmas Song Remains the Same - Features
In his 'Rock 101' column Mark Rowland explains why he thinks that Christmas music needs more albums, rather than just singles

Rock 101 : The Snobbery Behind 'Selling Out' - Features
In the second instalment in his 'Rock 101' series, Mark Rowland reflects upon why so many music fans object to and take issue with bands and acts that have become popular

Rock 101 : Burning Out or Fading Away? - Features
In the opening instalment in his new regular column, 'Rock 101', Mark Rowland questions whether it is better for rock bands to burn out or fade away

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto : Roundhouse, London, 13/5/2011 - Live Reviews
Mark Rowland at the Roundhouse in London watches Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and electronic artist Alva Noto play a show of tense, but enormous emotional impact to promote 'Summvs', their firfth collaborative album

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