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Flibbertigibbet : Whistling Jigs to the Moon - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re:View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the part, Malcolm Carter finds Mellow Candle founder Alison O’Donnell and David Williams' 1978 South African only Flibbertigibbet album finally getting the reissue treatment it deserves.

Catty Pearson : Interview - Interviews
London-based singer-songwriter Catty Pearson answers talks to Malcolm Carter about her her acclaimed debut EP ‘Time Tells Me’.

Louise Aubrie : Interview - Interviews
Malcolm Carter speaks to London singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie about her new solo album 'When I Don’t Love You I’ll Let You Know’ and the surprising influence of Cary Grant on it.

Bobbie Gentry : Profile - Profiles
Malcolm Carter reflects on the box set of 2018 from Bobbie Gentry, which consists of seven albums plus another seven albums worth of bonus tracks together with an extended ‘Live At The BBC’ from this year's Record Store Day as well as a hardback book.

Karen Jonas : Interview - Interviews
Much acclaimed and rising country singer-songwriter Karen Jonas talks to Malcolm Carter about combining motherhood with a heavy touring schedule and her just released third album, 'Butter'.

Chris Wade : Interview - Interviews
Dodson and Fogg multi-instrumentalist turned film-maker Chris Wade talks to Malcolm Carter about 'Cuentos', his intriguing new surreal short film.

Bert Jansch : Profile - Profiles
Malcolm Carter finds that the first eight albums from Scottish guitar virtuoso Bert Jansch, which are being re-released on two new box sets ‘A Man I’d Rather Be', parts 1 and 2, are essential listening and not just for folk music fans.

Mickey Newbury : Ten Songs That Made Me Love - Features
Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs that Made Me Love...' writes of some of his favourite songs by 60's singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury.

Chris Wade : Interview - Interviews
Malcolm Carter speaks to author and Dodson and Fogg frontman Chris Wade about his second feature film, ‘Seven Days In Never’.

Granite Shore : Interview - Interviews
Nick Halliwell found that there was only one way he could vent his anger over the European referendum result - make a new album with his group, The Granite Shore. He tells Malcolm Carter about the influences behind this album, in particular his love of that most European of pop bands, Abba.

Jam : 1977 - Profiles
Malcolm Carter takes in a new box set of The Jam's first two albums, and reconsiders their value forty years on from their release in 1977.

Lonely Hearts : The Lonely Hearts - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re:View' section Malcolm Carter examines a new vinyl only compilation of power-pop heaven from Sydney’s the Lonely Hearts, an underrated and, outside of Australia, almost unknown band from the 80's.

Alison O' Donnell : Interview - Interviews
Alison O'Donnell, the former front woman with 1960's/1970's pioneering folk outfit Mellow Candle, speaks to Malcolm Carter about her forthcoming second solo album,‘Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace’

Distractions : Interview - Interviews
The recent release of the band's third album, ‘Kindly Leave The Stage’ on the Occultation Recordings label is being promoted as the last Distractions album. Malcolm Carter speaks to Steve Perrin and Nick Halliwell about why they have decided this will be the final word from the Distractions.

Chris Wade : Interview - Interviews
Dodson and Fogg front man Chris Wade talks to Malcolm Carter about his directorial feature film debut, 'The Apple Picker'

Paul Marcano and Light Dreams : 10, 001 Dreams - Favourite Album Reviews
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Malcolm Carter finds essential the reissue of Canadian Paul Marcano’s 1982 cassette only psychedelic masterpiece which has finally been released on CD and double vinyl

Doghouse Roses : Interview - Interviews
Malcolm Carter speaks to Paul Tasker, the guitarist from Glaswegian alternative folk duo Doghouse Roses, about the band's first album in six years, 'Lost is Not Losing'

Rick Parfitt : 1948-2016 - Profiles
Malcolm Carter pays tribute to Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt, who died on Christmas Eve at the age of 68

Ray Humphries : Interview - Interviews
Ray Humphries appeared under a shroud of secrecy with his debut album, 'Is It That Time Already?', then disappeared again without warning. This year, he's back with a new album. Malcolm Carter finds out where he came from, and where he's been

Deacon Blue : Ten Songs That Made Me Love... - Features
Despite being uninspired by their earlier records, Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' finds much to recommend on Deacon Blue's three recent albums

Robert Coyne : Interview - Interviews
Malcolm Carter talks to singer-songwriter Robert Coyne about his late father Kevin Coyne, his past albums and also 'Last Lion', his latest collection

Robberie : Interview - Interviews
Sheffield three-piece Robberie speak to Malcolm Carter about their debut album,‘Beneath Your City: As You Dream’, and original blend of indie-pop

Beach Boys : Profile - Profiles
While he still considers it to be the greatest album of all time, Malcolm Carter finds that the 50th Anniversary version of the Beach Boys' ‘Pet Sounds’ isn’t quite what its promotion states

SHEL : Interview - Interviews
Eva Holbrook, one of the four multi-instrumentalist sisters in pop act SHEL, took time out from touring the United States to talk to Malcolm Carter about their just released second album, ‘Just Crazy Enough’, which was co-produced by the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart

Peter Waterman : Interview - Interviews
With his work on much acclaimed singer-songwriter Hattie Briggs' second album, 'Young Runaway' now completed, its producer Peter Waterman speaks to Malcolm Carter about his work on it and his plans and anbitions for the future

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