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Morton Valence : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Rob Jessett from South London formed indie act Morton Valence about their sixth album ‘Bob and Veronica’s Great Escape’, which is about escaping from the world, and their new film documentary.

Eastern Swell : Interview - Interviews
Chris Reeve, the main songwriter, lyricist and guitarist with Edinburgh-based group the Eastern Swell, speaks to John Clarkson about his group's second album 'Hand Rolled Halo', which combines elements of folk, jazz, 60’s psychedelia and prog rock.

St Lucifer : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to David Fox from Manchester-based anthemic electro punks St Lucifer about his band's second album 'Music is Violence', which was recorded and completed despite two founding members quitting.

Batman's Treaty : Interview - Interviews
Denzil Watson, the front man with long-serving Sheffield punk pop group RepoMen, talks to John Clarkson about forming Batman's Treaty, his first new band in twenty-five years.

Doug Hoekstra : Unopened - Profiles
John Clarkson reflectson 'Unopened'. the debut poetry collection of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoekstra.

Willard Grant Conspiracy : Interview with David Michael Curry - Interviews
Willard Grant Conspiracy viola player David Michael Curry talks to John Clarkson about its tenth and final album 'Untethered' which was completed after the death of its front man Robert Fisher during its recording.

Errant Boy : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Edinbugh-based indie trio Errant Boy about their second album 'Memory Fractures', which they have released digitally and on vinyl.

Volunteered : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to London-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Rowland about his new indie-folk project The Volunteered and its debut EP, 'We Don't Listen'.

Dead Can Dance : Interview - Interviews
Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance talks to John Clarkson about 'Dionysus', his group's first album in seven years, which is a concept album about the legend of the Greek god Dionysus.

Hipsway : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to vocalist Grahame Skinner and guitarist Pim Jones from Scottish rock/dance outfit Hipsway about their third album and first album in thirty years, 'Smoke and Dreams'.

Madam : Interview - Interviews
Sukie Smith, the front woman with Madam, talks to John Clarkson about the new video from 'Murder Park', which we are also premiering, from her remarkable third album, 'Back to the Sea'.

Emilio Pinchi : Interview - Interviews
Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Emilio PInchi talks to John Clarkson about his new EP 'Holiday', which is being released digitally and on limited edition cassette.

Tom Robinson : Interview - Interviews
Singer-songwriter and political activist Tom Robinson speaks to John Clarkson about the Tom Robinson Band's debut 1978 album 'Power in the Darkness', with which he is currently touring the UK on a 40th Anniversary tour.

Curse of Lono : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Curse of Lono frontman Felix Bectolsheimer about 'As I Fell', his band's much acclaimed second album.

Whispering Sons : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Fenne Kupppens, the vocalist with Brussels-based post-punk band Whispering Sons, about 'Image', their forthcoming debut album.

A Different Thread : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to Robert Jackson and Alicia Best from self-described 'British Americana' duo A Different Thread about their debut album 'On a Whim'.

Slits : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson talks to Tessa Pollitt, the former bassist with seminal all-girl punk band The Slits, about the new film documentary 'Here to Be Heard: The Story of The Slits’, and its accompanying scrapbook.

Laura Davis-Chanin : Interview - Interviews
Laura Davis-Chanin speaks to John Clarkson about her new book 'The Girl in the Back', which is a memoir of her 70's New York new wave band the Student Teachers and also Blondie and David Bowie.

Oldfield Youth Club : Interview - Interviews
Simon Rivers, the front man with the Bitter Springs, talks to John Clarkson about his decision to form also another band Oldfield Youth Club, and both groups’ forthcoming appearance at the Pennyblackmusic 20th Anniversary gig at the Water Rats in London.

Damned : Hydro, Glasgow, 19/6/2018 - Live Reviews
John Clarkson at the Hydro in Glasgow watches punk legends the Damned in a set in support of the Hollywood Vampires play a set of their classic singles and songs.

Rat Scabies : Interview - Interviews
Former Damned drummer Rat Scabies elaborates on the making of his debut solo album, 'P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt)', his forthcoming new album with the Mutants and offers his perspective on the legacy of the Damned.

Claudia Brucken : Interview - Interviews
Claudia Brucken, the former singer with Propaganda, talks to John Clarkaon about her new album 'Beginn', which she has collaborated on with electronic composer and ex-Tangerine Dream member Edgar Froese.

Bromide : Interview - Interviews
In a frank discussion about their sixth album 'I Woke Up,' Simon Berridge, the front man with London-based indie trio Bromide, details the back stories behind some of his most compelling lyrics, in which influences such as Virginia Woolf and his cats fired up his imagination.

Desert Mountain Tribe : Interview - Interviews
John Clarkson speaks to London-based rock act Desert Mountain Tribe bassist Philipp Jahn about their just released experimental second album, 'Om Parvat Mystery'.

Echo And The Bunnymen : Usher Hall, Edinburgh, 23/5/2018 - Live Reviews
John Clarkson at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh watches Echo and The Bunnymen play a gripping set which finds them reinterpreting for a new album their back catalogue with a strings section.

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