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Spencer Robertshaw: Most Recent Articles

Evidently Spencertown: And the Band Played On
Spencer Robertshaw in his 'Evidently Spencertown' poetry column pays tribute to soldier and drummer Lee Rigby, who was murdered by terrorists outside Woolwich Barracks in London on the 22nd May
Evidently Spencertown: Creative Journeys
In his 'Evidently Spencertown' poetry column, Spencer Robertshaw reflects in his latest poem on the power of creativity
Evidently Spencertown: Payday Loan
In his monthly 'Evidently Spencertown' poetry column, Spencer Robertshaw examines credit loan companies
Evidently Spencertown: Leeds is All I Needs
In the latest poem in his 'Evidently Spencertown' series, Spencer Robertshaw, who comes from Leeds, asks if home is best
Evidently Spencertown: Just Be Thankful for What You've Got
In 'Evidently Spencertown', his regular monthly poetry column, Spencer Robertshaw writes of why, despite everything that is wrong with our lives, we should still be grateful for what we have
Book-And...On Piano, Nicky Hopkins: The Extraordinary Life of Rock's Greatest Session Man 18/05/2011
Book-Dave Thompson: Bad Reputation: The Unauthorized Biography of Joan Jett 27/10/2011
Book-George Case: Led Zeppelin FAQ: All That’s Left to Know about the Greatest Hard Rock Band 15/01/2012
Book-Nick Churchill: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Beatles and Bournemouth 26/11/2011
Comment: Limetree Festival 06/09/2010
Dan Whitehouse: Interview 27/08/2012
DVD-James Brown: Live in America 04/10/2011
DVD-Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage 25/06/2010
DVD-Yellow Bittern: The Life and Times of Liam Clancy 13/02/2010
DVD-Yes: Union Live 23/04/2011
Evidently Spencertown: Adam and Eve 13/03/2012
Evidently Spencertown: Always There 28/08/2011
Evidently Spencertown: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 20/07/2011
Evidently Spencertown: An Angel's List 21/01/2011
Evidently Spencertown: And the Band Played On 25/05/2013

Most Recent Reviews

Ghostpoet: Some Say I So I Say Light - CD
Uncategorisble, but excellent second album from Mercury Prize winner Ghostpoet, the nom de plume for British singer and producer Obaro Ejimiwe
Lloyd Cole and Hans-Joachim Roedilus : Selected Studies Vol. 1 - CD
Stunning ambience on electronic instrumental collaboration between English rock singer Lloyd Cole and Austrian composer Han-Joachim Roedilus
Group Rhoda: Out of Time, Out of Touch - CD
Classy-sounding electronica on debut album from Group Rhoda, the project of San Francisco-based musician Mara Barenbaum
Janice Graham Band: Assassiner - 7"
Excellent latest single from uncompromising Manchester-based ska-influenced act, Janice Graham Band
Various: The Art of the 12 Inch, Volume Two - CD X2
Fresh-sounding second collection of remixes from the influential 80's label ZTT, which includes tracks from the Art of Noise, Paul McCartney, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and 808 State
Alison Scott: Chinese Whispers - CD 02/02/2011
Art Of Noise: Influence: Hits, Singles. Moments, Treasures... - CD X2 12/08/2010
Beautiful Losers: Four Corners of a Tiny Planet - CD 17/12/2010
Brilliant Colors: Introducing Brilliant Colors - CD 12/12/2009
Brothers Movement: Brothers Movement - CD 07/11/2009
Dreadzone: Eye on the Hoirzon - CD 07/04/2010
Edward Williams: Life on Earth - CD 12/12/2009
Epstein: I Held You Once - CDS 06/04/2011
Gabby Young and Other Animals: We're All in This Together - CD 07/11/2009
Ghostpoet: Some Say I So I Say Light - CD 11/05/2013
Group Rhoda: Out of Time, Out of Touch - CD 10/10/2012
Janice Graham Band: Assassiner - 7" 10/10/2012
Japanese Voyeurs: Sicking and Creaming - CDS 07/10/2009
Jon Allen: Sweet Defeat - CD 06/05/2011
Jose Jones: Blackmagic - CD 17/02/2010

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