David Ian Roberts follows up last year’s superb and underrated ‘Travelling Bright’ with ‘From The Harbour’, recorded for the lovely Cambrian Records (home of Toby Hay and Jim Ghedi). Recorded in his home in Cardiff, ‘From the Harbour’ is a pastoral, progressive folk masterpiece. Bathed in glorious harmonies and a paisley-patterned eastern feel, tinged with sunshine and patchouli, ‘From the Harbour’ is simply beautiful.

These nine songs have a sense of that magical in-between time, where day slips into dusk.

Roberts invites us to "Walk with me to a golden place" on 'Hold the Line’. How can you resist? This journey, grounded in the earth, expands into acoustic cosmic realms with visions of hazy summer days and clear night skies. Fuelled by exquisite guitar, cello, bass and piano (he plays everything here), he follows a country lane explored by Martyn, Drake, Jansch, Renbourn etc. Roberts, however, is his own man. Tunes like ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Distant Plants’ prove this, infused with a timeless beauty and quiet unfolding.

David Roberts may have produced this album in lockdown, but the enchantment and sonic delight will ease the most troubled of minds.

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