So, we cannot go out! So, what better time to catch up on some music that might just have passed us by...

First up is a lovely album from Katie Spencer 'Weatherbeaten' (Guk). Katie has a wonderful voice and an elegant guitar style. Echoing classic folk music of the '60s and '70s and nodding favourably towards Joni Mitchell, this beautiful record deserves to be heard and has just been released on vinyl. Hailing from the East Riding, singer-songwriter Katie has produced a quality record which is both beautifully played and sung. Check this out. Captivating stuff.

How about some desert blues from the Fenlands? Dan the D (Dan Donovan) has been around for seemingly all time and has been making really great no nonsense blues rock, while building up his own legend and devoted fan base. In 2017 he was able to hang out in the Mojave Desert at Rancho de la Runa at Joshua Tree, California and record 'Mojo Del Rancho'. Raw and uncompromising, Dan echoes Tom Waits and Queens of the Stone Age on this awesome album . Along with the desert blues you also find a really creative and clever album that includes the brilliant 'In This Room', a spoken word poem. A great slab of art rock. Well worth listening to.

Sheffield’s own boutique label Sonido Polifonico continue to release eclectic and exclusive music. This time Luki release 'The Parts/Empty Arms' (8” vinyl), a double A side. 'The Parts' is exquisite with atmospheric synths and a beautiful acoustic guitar accompanying Lucy Duncan’s fragile vocals, while the delightful 'Empty Arms' features piano and percussion and highlights just how remarkable Luki’s voice is. Trappist Afterland is a name you might be familiar with and Sonido Polifonico get to release an exclusive double A side single as a taster for the forthcoming long player. 'Allegory of Stars/Sacred Geometry', two intriguing, minimal and folky offerings, quietly bring you closer to nature. The atmospheric and delicate instrumentation are both hypnotic and timeless. This fine offering comes on clear vinyl as well. Both come with exclusive and impressive artwork, badges and a Bev. Sage ceramic token. Not to be missed, I suspect.

Jack Sharp is best known for his work with the excellent Wolf People. Recently he has been making forays into the world of English folk music. His recent rendition of 'The Bedfordshire May Carol' is outstanding. It is no surprise to find his solo album 'Good Times Older' is really brilliant. Jack is blessed with a voice well suited to folk song and his nimble guitar playing is something to be admired. This album is made up of eleven songs of traditional music from Bedfordshire. The album is a lovely minimal exploration of the folk idiom, plaintive and full of 'Englishness' and another fine example of our growing roots movement here in the UK. It is released on From Here Records.

The Hanging Stars' 'A New Kind of Sky' (Crimson Crow) is a complete surprise. I am late to the party here. but this album is a superb slice of psychedelic Americana. What is not to like here? Crosby, Stills and Nash harmonies, hints of the Band and early Van Morrison. A touch of the Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Byrds. Drenched in pedal steel, superbly performed and recorded, there is not a filler on this album. 'A New Kind of Sky' is a joyful and feel good record from these Londoners, although you would be forgiven for thinking they were from Laurel Canyon. I can give no higher praise than that this would make a wonderful alternative soundtrack to 'Easy Rider'. Go listen! You have time on your hands!

I have a growing playlist of unusual and strange progressive sounds on Spotify called 'Neverness Folk' that you may like to explore in the wee small hours of isolation.

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