Steel Panther have become renowned over the years for their profane and risque lyrics, and their over-the-top spoofing of the glam metal genre.

The group, which consists of vocalist Ralph Saenz ('Michael Starr'), drummer Darren Leader ('Stix Zadinia'), bassist Travis Haley ('Lexxi Foxx') and guitarist Russ Parrish ('Satchel'), formed under their original moniker of Metal Skool before changing their name to Steel Panther in 2008.

Steel Panther have now released five albums, 'Feel the Steel' (2009), 'Balls Out' (2011), 'All You Can Eat' (2014), 'Lower the Bar' (2017) and last year's 'Heavy Metal Rules'. They have recently toured Europe, and these photographs of them were taken by Andrew Twambley on the 9th February at a gig at the O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

Photos by Andrew Twambley

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