On the 10th and 11th December, and on the two nights before the general election in the UK, the English rock band the Libertines played gigs at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

The Libertines, which is centred around the songwriting partnership of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, have attracted much controversy and tabloid headlines because of the tempestuous relationship between Doherty and Barat and Doherty's jail sentences and wild lifestyle. They have also produced three albums of classic alternative rock, 'Up the Bracket' (2002). 'The Libertines' (2004) and 'Anthems for Doomed Youth' (2015).

Both our Manchester-based photographers Amanda J Window and Andrew Twambley were at the first date on the 10th December to provide separate photographic shoots for Pennyblackmusic of the Libertines.

In the first of these two galleries, we are featuring Amanda's photographs of the gig, and in the second Andrew's photographs.

"It was a freezing, and typical Mancunian, December night with horizontal rain and gale force winds but the Libertines still pulled a great crowd," reports Amanda. "As usual and fashionably 30 minutes late onto the stage they kicked off the show with 'Delaney' followed by 'Heart of the Matter' (one of my favourites) then 'Horror Show'. It was during 'Horror Show' that I saw evidence of flying lagers that had landed in the press pit. Luckily I didn't need the obligatory gig towel that night.

Peter, apparently, stopped the show mid song to tell fans "Don't let it be the Tories!"

I wish I could have stayed but with extreme weather conditions the trans from where I live were disrupted and the venue has absolutely no parking - so I had to cadge a lift and my 'driver' came to collect me. It's a long walk from Salford even with a big smile on your face after shooting your favourite band!"

Photos by Amanda J Window

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