Eluveitie, who come from Zurich in Swizerland, combine Celtic folk melodies with a death metal sound. They use traditional folk instruments along with guitars in their music, such as fiddles, tin whistles and flutes, bagpipes and harps.

The group, which was first formed back in 2002 by Chrigel Glanzmann (harsh vocals, mandola, whistles, pipes, gaita, acoustic guitar, bodhrán, harp), has now released eight albums. As well as Glanzmann, it also currently features eight additional members, including Fabienne Erni (clean vocals, celtic harp), )Kay Brem (bass), Rafael Salzmann (lead guitar), Matteo Sisti (bagpipes, tin whistle), Jonas Wolf (rhythm guitar), Michalina Malisz (hurdy-gurdy), Nicole Ansperger (violin, backing vocals) and Alain Ackermann (drums).

Eluveitie have spent much of this year touring since the release of their eighth album, 'Ategnatos', in April.

These photographs, which we are displaying over a two part gallery, were taken by Andrew Twambley on a gig on a tour in support of Lacuna Coil at the Ritz in Manchester on the 12th November.

Photos by Andrew Twambley

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