The Tearways are a pop/rock band from Santa Barbara in California with a strong Beatlesque influence.

First formed in 1980, they have toured the UK every year for the last fourteen years, and spent late August and early September there, playing a fourteen date tour to promote their latest album, 'We Grew Up On AM Radio'.

The Tearaways' reputation amongst music critics and fans has been augmented by the addition of Blondie member Clem Burke on drums in recent years.

This year's tour was marred by the sad passing of the Tearways' bassist, manager and founding member John Ferriter on the 25th July. His band mates - John Finseth (guitar/vocals), David Hekhouse (guitar), Greg Brallier (guitar/vocals) and Burke, with Finseth taking over bass duties, decided to carry on with the tour in his honour.

These photos of the Tearaways were taken for Pennyblackmusic by Andrew Twambley on the 29th August at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester.

Photos by Andrew Twambley

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