On the 26th April several of The Sound frontman and solo artist Adrian Borland's former bandmates and musical colleagues commemorated the 20th Anniversary of his death by playing a tribute night at The Cavern in Borland's native Raynes park in South London.

The night was opened by Moon Under Water (who are reviewed elsewhere in this magazine, and which featured in its line-up two members of Borland's first band The Outsiders, drummer Adrian Janes and bassist Bob Lawrence).

The bill also featured Adrian Borland's long-term bassist Pat Rowles who played an acoustic set; his friend from his teens Simon Breed, and Kevin Hewick who recorded an EP ‘This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal’ with The Sound.

In this two part 'Photoscapes' Alan Bell provides photos of the 20th anniversary tribute night.

The artists and their accompanying photographs are listed below:

1. Simon Breed
2. Simon Breed
3. Mike Dudley
4. Mike Dudley
5. Simon Breed
6. Simon Breed

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