One of the most important and contoversial bands of recent years, Sleaford Mods have become rnowned for their abrasive, minimalist music style; their profane langauge and their hard-hitting, embittered lyrics about unemployment, social class, celebrity culture nnd capitalism.

The Nottingham-based duo describes itself as making "electronic minimalist punk-hop rants for the working class".

It is focused around lyricist Jason Willamson, whose half-spoken, half-rapped vocals for which he uses his local Midlands dialect have drawn him comparisons with John Cooper Clarke and Mark E.Smith, and Andrew Fearns who writes all the music.

They have now released several albums, including the much acclaimed 'Key Markets' (2015) and this year's 'Eton Alive' (2017). These photographs of Sleaford Mods were taken by Andrew Twambley at a gig at Manchester Academy.

Photos by Andrew Twambley

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