North Yorkshire solo singer-songwriter Becky Mills brings her own personal and touching slant to the modern folk genre.

Becky takes inspiration from the lives of many family members, past and present. She weaves tantalizing narratives into her work which derive from superstitions, mysteries and folklore of the North York Moors which she recalls from the bedtime stories told to her as a child. Her carefully crafted lyrics bring her characters to life and she's found a way of capturing her every day observations and spinning them into scenes of wistful poignancy. Her voice is entrancing and her guitar accompaniment impeccable.

“I've always loved the folk story-telling tradition,” Becky says. “I remember as a child the tales my mother would tell me and how these would evolve with each passing year. Like the travelling story-tellers of old.”

Formerly a member of all-girl band Waking the Witch, Becky co-wrote two successful albums and since 2000 she has performed solo. She has collaborated with Barbara Dixon, Pentangle and Fairport Convention as well as with singer and multi-instrumentalist Ruth Angell. Recently she has performed as a duo with former Fairport Convention member Ashley Hutchings. On Becky's new album, 'Tall Tales and Home Truths', both Ashley Hutchings and Ruth Angell contribute, providing backing vocals and violin.

The album is released by Elephant Records on 26 April this year.

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