Hello and welcome to the March 2019 of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine.

Over the last few months, our photographer Manchester-based photographer Andrew Twambley has been speaking a lot about old concert tickets with me on email. Andrew has now taken this a stage further and written an article for this new magazineon what is a growing financial market.

Of course, to many of us – Andrew and myself certainly but not Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook who recently sold his ticket for the Sex Pistols’ iconic first gig in Manchester at the Free Trade Hall at auction for £3, 500 – these tickets are priceless, having enormous emotional and nostalgic value. Out of this has been born a new series, ‘Ticket Rewind’, in which a different writer with each edition, will be revealing some of the concert tickets they have kept and the stories and memories associated with them. It was my turn for the first one, and I write of gigs with the Waterboys, the Velvet Underground, the Kinks, David Bowie, the Willard Grant Conspiracy and a Stereogram Recordings revue.

As we were getting ready to put this magazine online, we were saddened to learn of the suicide of Prodigy vocalist and dancer, Keith Flint. In tribute to him, we are running two photo galleries, one taken of the Prodigy at the Riot Fest in Detroit in 2015, and another of them at the Leeds Direct First Arena last year. Our Website of the Month is CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably and a notorious suicide prevention charity which is going good work.

Amongst our interviews, we have interviews with established acts such as the Stranglers, the Long Ryders, David Bowie and Iggy Pop guitarist Kevin Armstrong, jazz musician Lani Hall and Fairport Convention as well as newer artists including Glasgow/Australian early 70’s rock-influence duo Duke 72, London alternative rock five-piece Made in Minsk and North Yorkshire solo singer-songwriter Becky Mills. There are also interviews with Vinita Joshi from the Rocket Girl label on its 20th anniversary, and separate interviews with music writer Zoe Howe and X-Ray Spex frontwoman Poly Styrene’s daughter on their new forthcoming biography on Poly.

We also have most of our regular features, some live reviews and Photoscapes and over twenty album reviews.

As always this magazine has come together through the hard work of a lot of people. Thank you to Carl Bookstein, Kimberly Bright, Malcolm Carter, Daniel Cressey, Nicky Crewe, Nick Dent-Robinson, Anthony Dhanendran, Dixie Ernill, Dave Goodwin, Keith How, Ben Howarth, Fiona Hutchings, Adrian Janes, Steve Kinrade, Richard Lewis, L. Paul Mann, Erick Mertz, Adrian P, Owen Peters, Mark Rowland, Maarten Schiethart, Lisa Torem, Helen Tipping, Andrew Twambley and Denzil Watson. Special thanks to our webmaster Richard Banks for his work behind the scenes.

We will be back with an album and single reviews update in late March and a full edition in mid April.

Please check out our regular Facebook and Twitter updates.

Thank you as always for reading Pennyblackmusic,

John Clarkson
Magazine Editor

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